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Daphne Blake
Daphne Blake.png
Species Human
Gender Female
Member of Mystery Incorporated
The Hex Girls[Note 1]
Affiliation Scooby-Doo
Shaggy Rogers
Fred Jones
Velma Dinkley
Flim-Flam[Note 2]
Vincent Van Ghoul[Note 3]
Occupation Sleuth
Goals Solving mysteries
Making sure she has a good look
Father Nedley Blake
Mother Elizabeth Blake
Sister(s) Delilah Blake[Note 4]
Daisy Blake[Note 5]
Dawn Blake[Note 6]
Dorothy Blake[Note 7]
Unnamed sister[Note 8][1]
Grandmother(s) Great-grandmother Mimi Blake[Note 9]
Other relative(s) Unnamed brother-in-law[Note 10][1]
Marital status Single[Note 11]
First appearance WAY: "What a Night for a Knight" (1969)
Played by Stefanianna Christopherson (1969-70)
Heather North (1970-2003)
Robyn Moore (1981)
Kellie Martin (1988-91)
Mary Kay Bergman (1998-2000)
Grey DeLisle (since 2001)
Sarah Michelle Gellar (2002, 04)
Kate Melton (2009, 2011)
Sarah Jeffrey (2018)
Taylor Meskimen (2020-2022)
Amanda Seyfried (2020)
Mckenna Grace (2020)
13GSD Daphne.png
The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
APNSD Daphne.png
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
Zombie Island Daphne.png
Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island
Gellar Daphne.png
WNSD Daphne.png
What's New, Scooby-Doo?
GAC Daphne.png
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue!
Melton Daphne.png
Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins
Current DTV Daphne.png
Scooby-Doo! and the Beach Beastie
SDMI Daphne.png
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Mystery Map Daphne.png
Scooby-Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map
BCSD Daphne.png
Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!
CGI Lego Daphne.png
Lego Scooby-Doo! Haunted Hollywood
SA Daphne.png
Scooby Apocalypse
Jeffery Daphne.png
Daphne & Velma
D&V Scholastic Daphne.png
Daphne and Velma (Scholastic)
SDGW Daphne.png
Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?
SCOOB Daphne.png
VLM Daphne.png
JS Daphne.png

Daphne Blake is a member of Mystery Incorporated and a character in the Scooby-Doo animated franchise. Her voice was originated by Stefanianna Christopherson, which was only a brief stint and is more fondly remembered by her replacement, Heather North.

Throughout the years, Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros. Animation, as well as book and video game publishers, have conceived several incarnations, which don't always fit together because new writers have come on board and disregarded what has come before or there has been a complete reboot, but the general concept has been the same, except for DC Comics and Max's radically altered Scooby Apocalypse and Velma, respectively.

Character description

Daphne is a female teen with a hourglass physique, reddish-pink lipstick and long red hair. She has worn various outfits over the years, although her most common look consists of a purple top with mini-dress; pink pantyhose; mauve heel shoes with bows on top; a green-lime scarf; and a mauve headband. The hems and cuffs on her dress are also mauve in color.

Though not as smart as Velma, Daphne finds a way to solve problems at her own hand. In her earlier appearances, she always had the tenacity to get into danger, hence her nickname "Danger-Prone Daphne." She was clumsy, and never seemed to get out of a sticky situation without the aid of the gang. Her characterization has since evolved in later installments, as she had gained a more active role and learnt how to do self defense. Daphne still has her feminine side, though, as evident by her extravigant obsession with fashion.

In The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo, she wore purple one-piece overalls, a belt and pixie boots. She lacked a headband in this series and her hairstyle was also altered to resemble Debbie's from Speed Buggy as well. Sometimes, she also wears either a long sleeved mauve top with a rolled collar, matching mauve pants and legwarmers with a purple puffer vest and matching high heels, a long sleeved purple dress with two lilac belts, hoops at each shoulder and lilac boots or a purple coat over a short sleeved lilac dress with a purple belt and purple high heels as well.

As a child in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, Daphne has a pink sweatshirt with a red skirt, pink pantyhose and white go-go boots. Her hair was shorter in length around this period, and her headband was white.

In What's New, Scooby-Doo?, she wore a short long-sleeved purple dress with a wraparound top. Her outfit also includes pink pantyhose, a mauve headband, and platform shoes.

Her outfit in Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! remains largely similar to her original look, although she didn't wear her pink pantyhose and instead had a mini-dress with short sleeves.


TV series






Video games

Stage performances


Those Original Mysteries

The N̶e̶w̶ Decades Old Scooby-Doo M̶o̶v̶i̶e̶s̶ 40 Minute Episodes

Back to Basics

Dynomic Duo

Scooby-Doo Goes Hollywood-Meta

The Scrappy years

Scrappy Saves the Show

Daphne, Freddy, and Velma MIA

Daphne Tests Well

Gotta Catch 'em All

The Coolest Pup Around


Cartoon Network Spoofs

Harvey Birdman Represents

Daphne Gets Real

Daphne Goes (Pop)Punk

What's New in the Movies

Gonna Sing This Song ALL DAY LONG

Daphne Gets Real (again)

Return of the Ascot (DTVs since Abracadabra-Doo)

Crystal Cove Chronicles

Daphne Ain't Nobody's Puppet

Daphne in the LEGO world

Daphne Griffin

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Lib World

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who the Creators Wanted to See Thirty Years Ago?

SCOOB! on the Big Screen

Scoobyless Riverdale

Daphne, now of East Asian descent, is a mean popular girl. She has two mothers. She is shown to have slight feelings for Velma.

Daphne Sells Out

The gang gets help from State Farm agent Lucy Rodas after the Mystery Machine gets knocked into a ditch by the Creeper.

Rob reads some text from Timmy, the Internet, finding a show to replace Rob's eternal nemesis Gumball that would be something akin to Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, with a Great Dane and his "kooky friends" who solve mysteries in a van, but then the kids would have to switch to another channel to watch that.[2]


In the Duck Dodgers episode "Surf the Stars," During the surfing montage where Duck Dodgers and the Crusher run by in various outfits, Mystery Inc. briefly runs by the screen.

In the Warner Bros. ServerVerse in Space Jam: A New Legacy, the gang (based on their SCOOB! designs), arrives at the basketball game between the Tune Squad and the Goon Squad in the Mystery Machine, then watch from outside the van. Mystery Inc., like all the other IPs, has no particular preference and just reacts to whatever is happening.

Titans Go!

Daphne and her friends are forced by Control Freak to compete against the Teen Titans in a game of Family Feud.[3]

Mystery Inc. are guests at Warner Bros.' 100th anniversary party at their Burbank studio, where the Teen Titans are acting as security.[4]

Daphne in the Funny Books

Marvel's Laff-a-Lympics

Daphne Survives the Apocalypse in a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Violent World

Daphne Goes YA in Scholastic's Moderately More Successful Daphne and Velma

Daphne in the Cyber Realm of Video Games

Daphne is a playable character in Scooby-Doo! Mystery of the Fun Park Phantom, Scooby-Doo! First Frights, and Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp, and is an NPC in most of the other games.


Daphne's template when being created was Thalia Messinger from the 1960s sitcom The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis.[5][6]


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Toys and merchandise

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Behind the scenes

  • Daphne shares the same outfit and has similarly long hair as Kitty Jo, an anthropomorphic cat, on The Cattanooga Cats, which debuted the same year as Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! in 1969.

In popular culture

WARNING: The following section contains content that may be seen as mature or offensive to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.
Main article: List of pop culture references to Scooby-Doo
  • In the Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures episode "Don't Touch That Dial," Mighty Mouse gets sucked into a TV show called Ring-A-Ding, Where Are You!, in which there are pastiche members of Mystery Inc., including an unnamed woman who strikes a pose similar to Daphne, dressed in a light purple cheongsam, and has the same style of hair but it is shoulder-length, instead.
  • In Judge Dredd: The Megazine #13-#15, which makes up the "Red Razors" arc, Chief Judge Ricky sends a group of Sov-Block freelance enforcers who call themselves the Spooky-Doo Gang to retrieve the corpse of Elvis Presley. They drive the Mystery Machine, but the van is blue and some of the letters are flipped. The orange-haired Daphne doppelganger is revealed to be called Hannah in Issue #15, named after William Hanna, to compliment Velma's doppelganger being named after Joseph Barbera. In the same issue, Hannah is one of the survivors, along with Freddy/Freddy and Spooky/Scooby, who haven't been killed by mutant judges, before successfully finding Elvis's corpse.
  • In Disney's Doug episode "Doug's Bloody Buddy," the teaser depicts a fantasy in which Doug and his friends are like Mystery Inc. searching for the Bluffington Vampire. Beebe is the counterpart to Daphne.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Out of Sight, Out of Mind," Buffy wears a purple scarf during the mission.
  • In the Animaniacs segment "Back in Style," the Warner siblings are loaned to a Hanna-Barbera-type studio that lets the Warner siblings "play themselves" in its cartoon Uhuru, Where Are You? In this parody, Pheobe acts as a stand-in for both Daphne and Velma.
  • In the Student Bodies episode "Snowed In," Mags and Flash bond over Scooby-Doo by singing the theme song. When their friends come in, who are surprised the two are getting along, are asked what the nature of Scooby and Scrappy's relationship is, and why a hot girl like Daphne is hanging around a loser like Shaggy, with Romeo simply remarking that she is hot, before their friends leave them again.
  • In the Arthur segment "The Rat Who Came to Dinner," Daphne is anthropomorphized as an animal with the rest of the gang in Mr. Ratburn's favorite old show Spooky-Poo.
  • In the Spaced episode "Beginnings," Daisy wanders into Tim's bedroom after hearing a noise and is spooked by his alien mask. Tim finds her and she keeps on saying she heard a noise, so Tim says she was playing Scooby-Doo. She says she used to play as Daphne when she was little, as did Tim play as Freddie when he was younger, but now Tim and Daisy look more like Shaggy and Velma.
  • In the Timon and Pumbaa episode "Werehog of London," a fortune teller warns Timon and Pumbaa that no one is safe from the curse of the werehog, not even "those meddling teens and their pesky dog." Then the camera reveals an orange and blue van resembling the Mystery Machine that has been abandoned after it was knocked into a lamp post.
  • On the first page of Archie's Weird Mysteries #6, Veronica is dressed up like Daphne as she becomes a parody of Daphne for the comic's story (sans outfit). She inexplicably cries "Jeepers," when she's scared, and makes out with Archie who has taken on the role of Fred.
  • In the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the title characters hitchhike in a green van owned by a bunch of odd adults vaguely resembling Mystery Incorporated. The Daphne doppelganger, referred to in the credits as "Redhead Beauty," is ditzy when she confuses Jay and Silent Bob to be the hitchhiking girls instead of the hitchhiking ghouls. She is also overly emotional when the gang starts to bicker. Jay then introduces "doobie snacks" to the gang, but this is just a dream of Jay's.
  • In the Veronica Mars episode "You Think You Know Somebody," Wallace calls Veronica Velma when she talks about how easy it was to find out about someone's details online, but Veronica prefers to think of herself as Daphne.
  • In the Danny Phantom episode "The Million Dollar Ghost," one of the members of the Groovy Gang is called Fran, who despite being chubby, has long red hair and a similar outfit to Daphne, while wearing glasses like Velma.
  • In the Drawn Together episode "Foxxy vs The Board of Education," Daphne is one of the TV detectives Foxxy watches.
  • In the Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! episode "Who's That Girl," when Wubbzy plays with a skipping rope, he says "little Scooby-Doo" before falling, which causes Daizy to respond with, "Jeepers."
  • In the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "One Hundred," the Aqua Teen Hunger Force star in a parody of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, with the new character of Tabitha added to the group who acts as a cross between Daphne and Velma. When Tabitha announced 100's entire plan, he took revenge by knocking her to the ground and taking her away to rape and behead her, although not necessarily in that order. She also overdoes it by constantly saying, "Jinkies."
  • For "Targets," Wendy's debut episode of Young Justice, she was originally conceived to look like Daphne, because he considered Wendy to always be striking a sexy pose.[7]
  • In the New Teen Titans short "Turn Back the Clock," Mad Mod turns back time altering the appearances of the Teen Titans with each passing decade, with the 70s making them look like Mystery Inc.; Starfire is Daphne.
  • Gwen is a parody of Daphne in the independent horror film Saturday Morning Massacre (later retitled Saturday Morning Mystery). Gwen is in a relationship with Chad, which is a reference to the perceived hidden romance between Daphne and Fred from the original series.
  • In the Suburgatory episode "The Witch of East Chatswin," on a Halloween night, Tessa and Lisa dress as Daphne and Velma, respectively, while Malik and Ryan both go as Fred, which causes an argument between the two, with Malik feeling offended that Ryan expects him to go as Shaggy, unless he was expected to go as Scooby. Despite the trouble, Malik does change his costume to Shaggy.
  • In the Futurama episode "Saturday Morning Fun Pit," the 31st century incarnations of Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew watched a cartoon called Bendee-Boo and the Mystery Crew, in which the Planet Express crew were reimagined as members of Mystery Inc., with Leela taking on the role of Daphne. She removes the dragon mask from George Takei simply with her makeup removal kit.
  • In the Rizzoli & Isles episode "Doomsday," a murder victim is found dead in his own doomsday fallout shelter, which is hidden by a sliding bookcase, exciting Detective Rizzoli, who always wanted to see one, and thinks Shaggy and Scooby would be so proud. Detective Korsak politely calls her Velma when he lets her go first, but Rizzoli believes herself to be Daphne and her partner, Doctor Isles, to be Velma, but Isles doesn't want to be part of it.
  • The series is parodied in the Austin & Ally episode "Mysteries & Meddling Kids," when while at a disco party, Dez and his friends dress up as his favorite characters from a 70s cartoon called Groovy Goat and the Mystery Bunch, with Ally filling in the Daphne role as Brenda, although apart from being the pretty one, there wasn't any connection beyond that.
  • In Cracked's parody called "Scooby Don't," the Mystery Squad, which includes the pretty girl called Daphno, is told off by the police after they tie up an innocent homeless old man at an abandoned carnival.
  • Independent game developer Alexander Mahan has been developing his online game Yandere Simulator for the public since 2014, which has only become available to play in demo mode. In the story, a group of kids called the Photography Club eventually resembled Mystery Incorporated through several tweaks, with Dafuni Bureiku, the Japanese name for Daphne Blake, having a similar hairstyle, headband, and scarf.
  • In the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episode "Kimmy Goes Roller Skating!," Vonda compares Kimmy to Daphne by calling her a "goofy girl dressed like she's on Scooby damn Doo." Kimmy doesn't take it as an insult and happily thanks her, instead.
  • In the Regular Show episode "The Dream Warrior," Mordecai and Rigby show Pops an old cartoon called Funkie Wunky and the Groovy Gang, which features a Daphne doppelganger called Penny. Pops then has a dream in which he is in the cartoon with his friends, which has Skips dressed like Penny.
  • In the AOK's parody called "Scooby-Doo, Who Are You?," the gang gets hysterical after ripping off an old guy's face off, which causes them to rip each other's faces off; Daphne rips Velma's face off after she rips off Fred's "beautiful face." Not to be left looking beautiful, Velma gets her own back by ripping off Daphne's face, too.
  • In the RWBY Chibi episode "The Mystery Bunch," Sun and Neptune of Team SSSN/The Junior Detectives discover Team JNPR/The Mystery Bunch (imitating Mystery Inc.) muscling in on their territory. The Mystery Bunch joyfully talk about how finding a mystery soon that they will inevitably find by accident, when a Grimm monster appears and chases them through several doors, as the Junior Detectives just watch. The Grimm is caught and discovered to be Old Man Shopkeep, who mumbles in annoyance, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids." Sun and Neptune are confused by what has happened, so eat their Zwei Snacks to get to their level. Pyrrha Nikos is a parody of Daphne, having similar long reddish hair and wears a green scarf like her.
  • In "Wanderers v Pedagogues," an episode of the BBC Two quiz show Only Connect, host Victoria Coren Mitchell begins by saying, "Good evening. Much of the key work debunking supernatural myths was carried out in the 1970s by American paranormalogists Norville Rogers, Frederick Jones, Daphne Blake, and Velma Dinkley. And if you didn't get that reference, then shame on you, Only Connect fans. You probably preferred the ones with Scooby-Dum and Scrappy-Doo."
  • In the video game South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the clothing Sloppy 2nds has both Daphne and Velma's outfits on a rack.
  • In the Teen Titans Go! episode "Costume Contest," Robin does a drawing of Teen Titans as Mystery Inc., with Starfire as Daphne.
  • In "The Spooky Badge," an episode of the preschool series Hey Duggee, the Squirrels play dress up as Mystery Inc., with Norrie as Daphne.
  • In Simpsons Comics #242, there is a story entitled "Scooby-Don't," with the kids dressed up as Mystery Inc., including Jessica Lovejoy wearing similar clothing to Daphne. Bart Simpson is Fred's doppelganger, referencing Bart and Jessica's romance in the cartoon.
  • On the second episode of The X-Factor: Celebrity, Nicole Scherzinger referred to the contestant Jenny Ryan as starting out as Daphne to becoming a full-blown diva. This is a somewhat confusing critique, as Ryan does have red hair like Daphne, but also wears glasses like Velma, who Scherzinger presumably meant.
  • In the Talking Tom and Friends episode "The Mystery of the Pyramid," which involves Tom and his friends in a mummy case, Angela screams "Jeepers" when Ricky DeLuna goes missing when the lights go out.
  • In the Young Justice episode "First Impression," Gaby is somewhat of a parody of Daphne, with Grey Griffin using a voice similar to Daphne. Gaby is also joined by Tommi and Antonia, parodies of Fred and Velma, respectively.
  • In the online game Transformice, Daphne's hair and scarf became available as two separate items to buy from June 11, 2020.
  • In the opening of the Villainous episode "Boo!-Lidozing," teens resembling Fred, Shaggy, and Velma vandalise the Van Der House, particularly the Fred doppelganger, who spray paints, "This Dump Sucks," which is rearranged by Emilia the ghost into, "I'll Thump You Kids." The Shaggy and Velma-looking kids run away, while the Fred doppelganger is punished by Emilia by being plunged into the ground and reappearing at the end of the episode in the painting The Scream. Interestingly, while Daphne doesn't appear, the Velma doppelganger says, "Jeepers," instead of "Jinkies."
  • In the season 2, episode 5 of Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable, Giedroyc says "Daphne has her Velma," when introducing her sidekick Lou Sanders.
  • In the American Dad! episode "Z.O.I.N.C.S.," the Smith family is dressed as characters from Scooby-Doo, with Francine as Daphne.

Doctor Who

  • Daphne is referenced in two Doctor Who books starring the 8th Doctor. The first is in The Book of Still, wherein Anji preferred Daphne over Velma, and the second time is in The Crooked World, there was a parody of Daphne called Harmony Looker.
  • In the episode "The Age of Steel," disappointed by who the Preachers really are, Pete calls them, "Scooby-Doo and his gang," while also adding, "They've even got the van!"
  • In Doctor Who Magazine #489, the thirteenth segment of the ongoing The Daft Dimension, depicted parallel universe counterparts of the 12th Doctor and his companions who loosely resembled each member of Mystery Inc. by wearing their outfits, with Vastra wearing Daphne's outfit without the stockings.

The Fairly OddParents

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  • Channel Chasers (part 2): There is a TV show called Snooper Dawg and the Clue Crew. Wanda tries to blend in as Daphne, but then becomes Scooby (or Snooper Dawg), when the Clue Crew arrives.
  • "The Wand That Got Away:" When Timmy and his fairy companions go on the search for Cosmo's wand, they take on the roles of Mystery Inc., with Wanda becoming a more faithful-looking Daphne than last time.
  • "Let Sleeper Dogs Lie:" Sparky kept a DVD of his previous owners, which included a group of kids resembling Mystery Incorporated who solved mysteries. Thanks to the Mystery Mobile, they escaped from a castle haunted by a cloaked ghost.

Family Guy

  • "Chitty Chitty Death Bang:" With the television transmitter cut, Peter wonders what the Scooby gang is up to, with the scene then cutting to an adult spin-off spoof called The Scooby-Doo Murder Files, where Mystery Incorporated investigates and describes in detail how someone was killed.
  • "Family Guy Viewer Mail:" A segment parodies the Little Rascals with the adults as kids, which includes a portion of time at a spooky mansion, where the regressed boys also copy the hallway chase gag, featuring Mystery Incorporated in a cameo also running out of one door and into another.
  • "Deep Throats:" In a DVD-exclusive scene, when Brian and Stewie sneak into the town hall, they run into Mystery Incorporated, but Stewie gets rid of them by humming their own walk music against them.

Harley Quinn (comic)

  • Issue #1: In the background of one panel, an alternately colored Daphne (now with light blonde hair and dressed in green and red) and the rest of the gang chase a crook.
  • Issue #64: Justice League Dark is a parody of Mystery Inc., with Zatanna substituting Daphne, whose clothes are now vaguely reminiscent of Daphne's.


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  • January 10, 1997: In the "Hanna-Barbera Dogs" category for $200, the question was, "In 1969, he began traveling around in The Mystery Machine with Freddy, Daphne, Velma & Shaggy," with the answer being, "Who is Scooby-Doo?"
  • June 12, 1998: In the "Animation" category for $500, the question was, "Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Freddy, Daphne & Velma traveled around in a van with this name," with the answer being, "What is The Mystery Machine?"
  • October 6, 2000: In the "Cartoon Network" category for $300, the question was, "Daphne & Velma are the women in this dog's gang," with the answer being, "Who is Scooby-Doo?"
  • September 18, 2002: In the "Recent Movies" category for $600, the question was, "Those darn meddling kids Shaggy, Velma, Daphne & Fred made it to the big screen in this 2002 live-action film, "What is Scooby-Doo?"
  • November 13, 2002: In the "Scooby-Doo at 32" category for $200, the question was, "As Daphne in the 2002 live-action film, she traded in her vampire stakes for Scooby snacks," with the answer being, "Who is Sarah Michelle Gellar?"
  • October 3, 2017: In the "TV" category for $200, the question was, "He's the loveable Great Dane who hangs out with Daphne, Freddy, Shaggy & Velma," with the answer being, "Who is Scooby-Doo?" (with Austin giving a bit of a voice).
  • October 11, 2018: In the "Cartoon Females" category for $400, the question was, "1 of the 2 females who solve mysteries with Scooby Doo; they got their own prequel movie in 2018" with the answer being, "Who is Velma (or Daphne)?"
  • May 21, 2019: In the "TV Cartoon Series by Characters" category for $200, the question was, "Shaggy, Daphne, Velma" with the answer being, "What is Scooby-Doo?"

Looney Tunes

Main article: Looney Tunes
  • Looney Tunes #71: The story, "Tazzy-Doo, Where Are You?," depicts several Looney Tunes characters as members of Mystery Inc., with Lola Bunny as Daphne, being rechristened as Daphne-Bunny. Daphne-Bunny is also danger-prone and turns to Fredhorn when she is scared, causing Fredhorn (Foghorn Leghorn) to smile at the reader, alluding to the romantic relationship between Daphne and Fred.
  • For Warner Bros.' 100th anniversary, they celebrated by licensing a range of Looney Tunes Funko Pops with a Scooby-Doo motif, which included Lola Bunny with Daphne's hairstyle and clothes. This was then depicted in animated form for a special animated crossover mash-up where the Looney Tunes cast acted as Mystery Inc. who had caught the ghost of Mr. Hyde.

Saturday Night Live

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  • "Rob Lowe/Eminem:" In a skit about a fictional Crime TV program called Pros & Cons, it reports on Mr. Montgomery, a jailed felon, who allegedly dressed up as a ghost to scare people away from a run-down amusement park that had pirate treasure underneath. He was stopped by a group of "amateur detectives," who according to Warren "Shaggy" Shagowski, decided while in a malt shop that the law had gone soft and it was time to do something about it, especially after "dirtbags who get their jollies dressing as ape men or glowing deep sea divers." Mr. Montgomery's lawyer argues that their prior criminal activities for "meddling" on several occasions meant that they were looking for trouble and implicated that Mr. Montgomery was innocent. Shaggy simply counters with his patriotic American right to have the freedom to stop bad guys. The lawyer admires Shaggy's ethics, then bribes him to think differently with a box of Scooby Snacks.
  • "Margot Robbie/The Weeknd:" There is a skit called "The Hunch Bunch," wherein Fred is represented by two different characters; the first is Josh, the blond leader, and then the second is Ted, who is handsome and wears an ascot.
  • "Jake Gyllenhaal/Sabrina Carpenter:" In a skit called "Scooby-Doo! and the Mystery of the Shadow Phantom," Mystery Incorporated investigates the Shadow Phantom at a haunted mansion. They catch the ghost and take off the mask to reveal Old Man Franklin underneath, then Fred takes it further by ripping off the man's real face believing that to be fake as well to horrifying results. Chaos then ensues by their reactions, which includes Shaggy losing an arm, Velma losing her head, Fred shooting Daphne, and Scooby shooting Fred. In reality, this is just a commercial for Apple's new Face ID.

Spicks and Specks

  • "Episode 5" (series 9): The host Adam Hills welcomes Michala Banas with the following introduction, "Alan's second team member is an actor who once had a small role in the movie Scooby-Doo and totally stole the scene. And she would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling kids! Please welcome Michala Banas."
  • "Episode 9" (series 9): The host Adam Hills welcomes Jess Harris with the following introduction, "Alan's second team member is a comedian and proud owner of a 1972 orange pop-top Kombi. All she needs now is a stoned hippy friend and a talking Great Dane and she's ready to go out and solve some mysteries! Please welcome Jess Harris." The first part is a reference to the Mystery Machine, and likely Daphne, since Harris has orange hair.

Sugar and Toys

Main article: Sugar and Toys
  • "Cribfest:" In a segment called "The Scoobidy-Doobidy Basketball Variety Mystery Show," Lakers coach Luke Walton has hired the Scoobidy Gang to find LeBron James's missing hairline, which he claims the Barber Fairy took after a story that Kobe Bryant told him when joining the Lakers. After a short investigation, the gang discover that the Barber Fairy is really Kobe who didn't want LeBron to play better than him. Scooby and Shaggy's doppelgangers are called Scoobidy and Shaky, respectively.
  • "Burning Scouts:" In a segment called "Cartoon BFFs, See Each Other Naked for the First Time," Shaggy and Fred disrobe in the shower to see each other naked. Shaky is surprised to see an ascot on Fred's penis, too. Unlike the first episode, Shaky says, "Zoinkers," instead of "Zoinks." Fred also talks about sharing Deedee (Daphne), which may be a reference to when Shaggy and Daphne solved mysteries together with Scooby and Scrappy for three seasons in the 80s.
  • "Make Room for Roomie:" The gang investigate the disappearance of Shaky, and ask Scoobidy several questions until he confesses that he killed Shaky because Shaky kept on eating his Scoobidy Snacks and threatened to neuter him. Scoobidy then cut all of him up and turned him into "Shaky Snacks" to hide the body, which he the fed to the rest of his friends, who threw up after they discover the truth. Scoobidy winks at the camera.
  • "Revenge of the Nerfs:" In a segment called "The Scoobidy-Doobidy Cancel Culture Variety Mystery Show," the Scoobidy Gang (the first time they are called that) investigate Chris Brown's house to see why he is back in the spotlight again despite being "cancelled." Velma, in particular, is seething with hatred at the idea of Chris being popular again. Scoobidy drives the Mystery Machine. Fred mentions how he had a lot of fun the other night with Deedee and Velma.
  • "Love in the Time of Pandademic:" The Scoobidy Gang catch DJ Khaled disguised as a ghost chicken at a KFC-type restaurant. DJ Khaled was stealing the lemon pepper off Rick Ross's chicken wings.


  • "Playthings:" Dean is excited because he and his brother, Sam, get to investigate a haunted inn, which he describes as something akin to Scooby-Doo. He jokes that they might even find Fred and Daphne inside, before revealing his romantic interest in her.
  • "Form and Void:" Crowley tells Dean to stop calling out to Jenna to get Amara's attention, to which Dean says, "Listen, Velma, this isn't the Scooby Gang." Although Crowley thinks he's "way more of a Daphne."
  • "Peace of Mind:" In Charming Acres, there is a matinee showing the first live-action with a poster on the wall, the one with Scooby in Shaggy's arms.

The Venture Bros.

Main article: The Venture Bros.
  • "¡Viva los Muertos!:" Patty is a composite of 1970s Symbionese Liberation Army abductee Patty Hearst and Daphne. Patty is perhaps the most controlled by her leader, Ted, a composite of Ted Bundy and Fred.
  • "Self-Medication:" Dr. Venture and his former boy adventurer colleagues discuss the sex lives of Daphne and Velma, which Dr. Venture didn't think Velma had much of because she was a lesbian, as everyone did, but Action Johnny reveals that this may not necessarily be true as the "pack of herpes" he contracted from her says otherwise.


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