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This encyclopedia is about the works of American animation studio Hanna-Barbera, founded by producers and directors, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, in 1957. It also features their work spun off into different studios and parent companies. In 1991, the intellectual properties of Hanna-Barbera were purchased by Turner Broadcasting System, which in turn, was merged with TimeWarner (now Warner Bros. Discovery) in 1996, and remain with the company today, unless David Zaslav sells them all off as tax write-offs.

Here, you'll eat like Yogi in Jellystone Park, bowl with Fred & Barney in Bedrock, ride flying cars like George Jetson in Orbit City, solve a mystery or two with Scooby-Doo and Mystery Incorporated, take flight in the Dragonfly and discover the unknown with Jonny Quest and Hadji, fight crime with the Super Friends and the Powerpuff Girls, learn spells with Papa Smurf, go undersea to Snorkland with Allstar Seaworthy and the other Snorks, go into the far reaches of the cosmos with Space Ghost, make the latest and greatest inventions with Dexter, play the music of The Banana Splits and Josie and the Pussycats, find out if Tom can ever get the jump on Jerry, and so much more.

Warning: Please keep in mind that this wiki covers adult topics, which is not to put you off from entering, but just to be wary of that when reading.
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