Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

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Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!
BCSD title card.png
On-screen title card.
Created by: Zac Moncrief
Jon Colton Barry
Network: Cartoon Network
Boomerang SVOD
Production company: Warner Bros. Animation
Distributor: Warner Bros. Television
Original release: October 5, 2015-March 18, 2018
Run time: 21 minutes
Starring: Frank Welker
Matthew Lillard
Grey Griffin
Kate Micucci
Executive producer(s): Sam Register
Producer(s): Zac Moncrief
Music composed by: Jake Monaco
Writer(s): Jon Colton Barry
Director(s): Jeff Mednikow
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Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! is an American animated mystery comedy TV series produced by Warner Bros. Animation for Cartoon Network. It ran from 2015 to 2018, airing 52 episodes (with one episode having two segments to set up a third season that was immediately abandoned). It is the twelfth Scooby-Doo series after Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

The series takes on a more comedic style than previous series, with both its writing and art style, which have brought on a myriad of hate and Family Guy comparisons, but what it may lack in style it makes up for with an undercurrent of sophistication and more character focus than previous series would dare attempt. Although it does have a small fanbase, so don't always let the haters win (which is exactly what happened with Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs).




The music was composed by Jake Monaco, with every episode's end credits having a unique twist based on the plot. The theme song called "Old Stomping Grounds" was written and performed by Adam Levin (pretty sure it's not the Maroon 5 guy), James Bairian, and Louis Castle.


Episode Number Air date
"Mystery 101" 1x01 October 5, 2015
"Game of Chicken" 1x02 October 6, 2015
"All Paws on Deck" 1x03 October 7, 2015
"Poodle Justice" 1x04 October 8, 2015
"Grand Scam" 1x05 October 9, 2015
"Trading Chases" 1x06 October 12, 2015
"Be Quiet, Scooby-Doo!" 1x07 October 15, 2015
"Party Like It's 1899" 1x08 October 19, 2015
"Screama Donna" 1x09 October 20, 2015
"Kitchen Frightmare" 1x10 October 21, 2015
"Me, Myself, and A.I." 1x11 October 22, 2015
"Area 51, Adjacent" 1x12 October 23, 2015
"Where There's a Will, There's a Wraith" 1x13 October 28, 2015
"Scary Christmas" 1x14 December 10, 2015
"If You Can't Scooby-Doo the Time, Don't Scooby-Doo the Crime" 1x15 February 6, 2016
"Gremlin on a Plane" 1x16 February 13, 2016
"Sorcerer Snacks Scare" 1x17 February 20, 2016
"Saga of the Swamp Beast" 1x18 February 27, 2016
"Be Cold, Scooby-Doo!" 1x19 March 5, 2016
"Giant Problems" 1x20 March 12, 2016
"Eating Crow" 1x21 March 23, 2016
"I Scooby Dooby Doo" 1x22 June 20, 2017
"El Bandito" 1x23 June 20, 2017
"Into the Mouth of Madcap" 1x24 June 20, 2017
"The Norse Case Scenario" 1x25 June 20, 2017
"The People vs. Fred Jones" 1x26 June 20, 2017
"Some Fred Time" 2x01 November 14, 2017
"There Wolf" 2x02 November 15, 2017
"Renn Scare" 2x03 November 16, 2017
"How to Train Your Coward" 2x04 December 21, 2017
"Worst in Show" 2x05 November 17, 2017
"Mysteries on the Disorient Express" 2x06 November 18, 2017
"Halloween" 2x07 September 28, 2017
"The Curse of Kaniaku" 2x08 November 19, 2017
"Vote Velma" 2x09 November 19, 2017
"Scroogey Doo" 2x10 November 30, 2017
"In Space" 2x11 November 11, 2017
"Doo Not Disturb" 2x12 November 21, 2017
"Silver Scream" 2x13 November 22, 2017
"Fright of Hand" 2x14 November 22, 2017
"Greece is the Word" 2x15 November 23, 2017
"American Goth" 2x16 March 8, 2018
"Omelettes Are Forever" 2x17 March 9, 2018
"Ghost in the Mystery Machine" 2x18 March 10, 2017
"Naughty or Ice" 2x19 March 11, 2018
"Night of the Upsetting Shorts" 2x20 March 12, 2018
"Junkyard Dogs" 2x21 March 13, 2018
"Protein Titans 2" 2x22 March 14, 2018
"World of Witchcraft" 2x23 March 15, 2018
"Professor Huh? Part 1" 2x24 March 16, 2018
"Professor Huh? Part 6 3/4" 2x25 March 17, 2018
"Pizza O'Possum's" / "The Curse of Half-Beard's Booty" 2x26 March 18, 2018


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