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On-screen title card.

Teen Titans Go! is an American animated TV superhero sitcom produced by Warner Bros. Animation for Cartoon Network. It has been on the air since April 23, 2013, with over 300 episodes across eight seasons, along with three films, which individually, have been released theatrically, direct-to-video, and television. It is a spin-off to the 2003 Teen Titans animated TV series, which was decidedly more dramatic in comparison, despite itself having a slight comedic edge than the DC comics it was based on.

In Teen Titans Go!, we see what happens to the Teen Titans (Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg, and their leader Robin) when they're not saving the day. The team's members are usually involved in juvenile antics that lead into something much bigger than anticipated.

The series isn't above poking fun at itself, but the jokes are usually written out of obvious irritation from any negative online reaction by viewers, channelled through either the Teen Titans themselves or Control Freak, one of their foes who acts as the voice of the "haters." Despite the fact these "haters" are older viewers, and not the younger target audience. A prime example of this is in the episode "Cartoon Feud."

Although criticized for its humor, Teen Titans Go! was a ratings hit since it first aired. And as a result of this, Cartoon Network at one point had filled up almost all of its daily hours with nothing but Teen Titans Go!, which incidentally continued the cycle of hate between those who both watch the series and make the series. Despite this, the show's ratings slowed down by 2018, as a result of it being aired on a overly frequent basis. The show is still running on Cartoon Network, but never at the same peak as it once had.


  • "Double Trouble:" Beast Boy forces Cyborg to play "Cavemen and Dinosaurs," with Beast Boy as the dinosaur chasing Cyborg, who is the caveman dressed like Fred Flintstone.
  • "Costume Contest:" A man dresses like Fred Flintstone at a Halloween costume contest.


  • "Sandwich Thief:" In the future, when Nightwing opens his front door, it makes the same jingle as the doorbell from Jetsons.
  • "Robin Backwards:" In the Bizarro World, Boy Beast can transform into a kid resembling Elroy.
  • "The Bergerac:" Cyborg's first kiss was with Rosie.

Jonny Quest

  • "Cartoon Feud:" Control Freak puts up a photo of the Jonny Quest cast on the Teen Titans' TV as something viewers would rather want to watch than them.

Josie and the Pussycats

  • "Cartoon Feud:" Control Freak puts up a photo of the Josie and the Pussycats cast on the Teen Titans' TV as something viewers would rather want to watch.

Powerpuff Girls

  • "TTG v PPG:" There is a crossover between the 2016 incarnation of The Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go!, when Mojo Jojo creates a portal between their worlds.
  • "Shrimps and Prime Rib:" The Titans have been distracted from being real superheroes by things such as "totally organic crossovers" like the "TTG v PPG."


  • "The Date:" Robin offers Cyborg and Beast Boy a Scooby Snack if they watch Speedy. Beast Boy also turns into Scooby Doo when he accepts the offer.
  • "I See You:" During Beast Boy and Cyborg stakeout song in the T-Car, they appear next to Scooby and Shaggy in The Mystery Machine.
  • "The Cruel Giggling Ghoul:" The episode is an entire reference to Scooby-Doo. Robin is Fred, Cyborg is Shaggy, Beast Boy is Scooby, Raven is Velma, and Starfire is Daphne.
  • "Costume Contest:" Robin shows the Titans a drawing he made of them as Mystery Incorporated as potential costumes.
  • "Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Part 1:" Beast Boy is forced to sing "Happy Birthday" after Me-Too steals the song he intended to sing. Beast Boy drags it out by adding nonsensical lines like "Scooby-Doo on channel 2."
  • "Cartoon Feud:" Control Freak zaps both the Teen Titans and Mystery Incorporated into a game of Family Feud to see who the better cartoon stars are.
  • TV Knight 5:" The fight against Richard Nixon ends with the Titans revealing that the face of Nixon is just a mask to hide Fidel Castro.
  • "Top of the Titans: Beast Boy & Cyborg Songs:" In a chart list of the best Beast Boy and Cyborg songs, the stakeout song from "I See You" is number 11.

Space Ghost

  • "Sidekick:" On DCUbook, a parody of Facebook, Space Ghost post with the word, "BOO."

Super Friends

  • The Wonder Twins have appeared several times. See how many times at the Zan and Jayna pages at Teen Titans Go! Wiki.
  • The Hall of Justice is featured a few times. See how many times at the Hall of Justice page at Teen Titans Go! Wiki.
  • "Two Parter: Part 1:" There is transition music before the Titans enter the Hall of Justice.
  • "Two Parter: Part 2:" Cyborg gives a Narrator-style intro when the team dresses up in the Justice League's clothes. There is also a "shooting stars" scene transition.
  • "Snuggle Time:" The Titans become evil and rename themselves as the Legion of Doom, despite there being another supervillain team called that. They also build a new base in the shape of the Hall of Doom.
  • "TV Knight 5:" Batman and James Gordon watch the Teen Titans as Super Friends-like characters.

Tom and Jerry

  • "Cy & Beasty:" After watching a Tom and Jerry short, Cyborg and Beast Boy get into an argument over who is better: Tom or Jerry? They then get into a cat and mouse chase themselves, taking on the roles of their preferred character.