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The Phantom, the Talking Dog and the Hot Hot Hot Sauce!

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The Phantom, the Talking Dog and the Hot Hot Hot Sauce!
Premiere date: October 1, 2020
Music composed by: Peter Bateman and Sunna Wehrmeijer
Writers: Thomas Krajewski
Directors: Frank Paur
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"The Phantom, the Talking Dog, and the Hot Hot Hot Sauce!" is the first episode of Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? season two, and the twenty-seventh overall. It aired on October 1, 2020 on Boomerang's SVOD service. It was written by Thomas Krawjewski, produced by series creator, Chris Bailey, and directed by Frank Paur.

Daphne takes the gang to her meet her unlikely celebrity bestie, Kacey Musgraves, who's directing a play in Nashville.

Detailed summary

Memorable quotes

Velma: Jinkies! It's...
Mystery Inc.: Famous country music star, Kacey Musgraves!

John: And I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids, and country music sensation, Kacey Musgraves!


Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Actor Dave B. Mitchell
Actress Grey Griffin
Sir Daniel Crofford Frank Welker
Kacey Musgraves Herself
Fred Jones Frank Welker
Velma Dinkley Kate Micucci
Daphne Blake Grey Griffin
Scooby-Doo Frank Welker
Shaggy Rogers Matthew Lillard
Ghost of Tallis Taggert Dave B. Mitchell
Kacey Musgraves's grandfather
Captain Tallis Taggert (statue) N/A
John Lupointe Dave B. Mitchell
Laredo Grey Griffin




  • John's insurance card





It was copyrighted in 2019.


The theme song, entitled "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?", was written by Chris Bailey, and performed by David Poe. It was produced by Vivek Maddala. The score was composed by Peter Bateman and Sunna Wehrmeijer.


Dates are in order of release:

Behind the scenes

  • With every episode's title card, one of the gang announces the guest star, which is Daphne this time.
  • Velma says "Jinkies" twice.
  • Fred says "Hold the phone" twice.
  • Shaggy says "Zoinks" once.
  • Daphne says "Jeepers" once.
  • Daphne and Fred's disguises on the riverboat were inspired by the respective outfits of Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve's characters in the film Somewhere in Time.[1]
  • The cameo of Mammoth Studios is a reference to "The Dreaded Remake of Jekyll & Hyde", which itself is a sequel to The New Scooby-Doo Movies episode "Sandy Duncan's Jekyll and Hyde."
  • We're giving a rare opportunity of seeing Velma eat.
  • Kacey calls Mystery Inc. "kooky kids," as if that isn't the least bit insulting.


  • There is a Tennessee colony in Texas, but Mystery Inc. is in Nashville, which is in the state of Tennessee, yet they and everyone else seem to treat Tennessee as if it's a part of Texas.
  • Fred says Tallis Taggert Auditorium, while Daphne has to one up Fred by saying Tallis Taggert Country Auditorium, while the building simply reads "TAGGERT."
  • The ghost of Taggert is called "Phantom" in the credits, although it's mistakingly spelled "Phanton."
  • In the credits, John Lupointe is called Perry John Lupointe, despite nobody calling him that.

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