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Mystery 101

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Mystery 101
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Premiere date: October 5, 2015
Run time: 21:32
Writers: Jon Colton Barry
Directors: Shaunt Nigoghossian
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"Mystery 101" is the first episode of Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! season one. It aired on October 5, 2015 on Cartoon Network. It was respectively written and produced by series co-creators, Jon Colton Barry and Zac Moncrief, and directed by Shaunt Nigoghossian.

Velma's interview with the prestigious Kingston University is hampered by the appearance of the founder's ghost.

Detailed summary

Memorable quotes

Joe: And we would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for--Run!


Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Russell Tom Kenny
Andrew Chord Overstreet
Russell's father
Ghost of Elias Kingston Frank Welker
Velma Dinkley Kate Micucci
Daphne Blake Grey Griffin
Fred Jones Frank Welker
Shaggy Rogers Matthew Lillard
Scooby-Doo Frank Welker
Baby Unavailable
Mitchell Simons Chord Overstreet
Joe Simons Tom Kenny
Dean Longfellow Tom Kenny
Actor playing Daphne Matthew Lillard









The music was composed by Jake Monaco, who also performed the musical number "Romp 101". "Romp 101" had lyrics, but couldn't be completed due to time constraints. "Old Stomping Ground", the theme song, was written and performed by Adam Levin, James Bairian, and Louis Castle.


Dates are in order of release:

Behind the scenes


Everlasting influence

Critical reception

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Brazilian Portuguese Introdução a Mistérios Introduction to Mysteries
Greek Βασικές Αρχές των Μυστηρίων
Μυστήριο 101
Basic Rationales of Mysteries
Mystery 101
Hungarian Alapfokú rejtélyfejtés Basic Level of Mystery Solving
Korean 미스터리학 개론 Mystery 101
Polish Studencka zagadka Student Mystery
Turkish Gizem 101 Dersi Mystery 101 Lesson

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