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This article is about the series. For other uses, see Jellystone.
JS title card.png
On-screen title card.
Created by: C.H. Greenblatt
Network: HBO Max
Production company: Warner Bros. Animation
Distributor: Warner Bros. Television
Original release: July 29, 2021
Run time: 21 minutes
Starring: Jeff Bergman
C.H. Greenblatt
Grace Helbig
Jim Conroy
Executive producer(s): C.H. Greenblatt
Sam Register
Producer(s): Adam Middleton
Ann Tran
Music composed by: Ego Plum
Writer(s): Ben Gruber
Director(s): Ian Wasseluk (supervising)
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Jellystone! is an American animated comedy web television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation for HBO Max. It began in 2021. It is the seventh Yogi Bear series after The Yogi Bear Show, and features guest appearances of characters from other Hanna-Barbera series.

In the town of Jellystone, Yogi, Boo Boo, and Cindy work as residents of Jellystone Hospital, where they are regularly called upon to provide medical assistance in comical emergencies. The day to day lives of Jellystone's citizens are also chronicled, which include but not limited to, Mayor Huckleberry Hound, Augie Doggie, Doggie Daddy, Jabberjaw, Squiddly Diddly, Loopy De Loop, El Kabong, Top Cat, Captain Caveman, Peter Potamus, Snagglepuss, Magilla Gorilla, Jonny Quest, Hadji, and Shazzan.

Throughout the series, various guest stars would recurrently make appearances, such as Mildew Wolf, Grape Ape, Pixie and Dixie, Paw Rugg, Maw Rugg, Floral Rugg, Yippee, Yappee, Yahooey, Lambsy Divey, Bristlehound, Ding-a-Ling, Hokey Wolf, Ruff, Reddy, The King, Yuka Yuka, Clyde, Big H, Skids, Hair Bear Bunch, CB Bears, the Neptunes, the Teen Angels, Clue Club, Snooper and Blabber.



C.H. Greenblatt began development in February 2018, taking a year and a half to get the series approved, when it officially went into production in August 2019.[1] It was officially announced on October 29, 2019.[2] For the first few months, work began in the studio, although the crew was forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Despite not being halted, the production takes twice as long, because of direct contact in the studio being substituted with video chats and online screenings.[3]

Characters that won't appear in the beginning, may appear later on if the series goes on long enough.[4]

An official press release and trailer were unveiled on June 24, 2021.[5]


Sarah Noonan and Agnes Kim were the casting directors.

Jeff Bergman was announced to be voicing Yogi, among unspecified others, in September 2020.[6] The rest of Bergman's roles and further cast, such as Greenblatt voicing characters such as Boo Boo, were revealed on June 24, 2021.[5]


The music and themes were composed by Ego Plum.


Title Number Air date
"Yogi's Tummy Trouble" / "Gorilla in Our Midst" 1x01 July 29, 2021
"Boo Boots" / "My Doggie Dave" 1x02 July 29, 2021
"A Coconut to Remember" / "Grocery Store" 1x03 July 29, 2021
"Must Be Jelly" / "Cats Do Dance" 1x04 July 29, 2021
"VIP Baby You Know Me" / "El Kabong's Kabong is Gone" 1x05 July 29, 2021
"Mr. Flabby Dabby Wabby Jabby" / "Ice Ice Daddy" 1x06 July 29, 2021
"DNA, A-OK!" / "Face of the Town!" 1x07 July 29, 2021
"Catanooga Cheese Explosion" / "Squish or Miss" 1x08 July 29, 2021
"Gotta Kiss Them All" / "Jelly Wrestle Rumble!" 1x09 July 29, 2021
"A Fish Sticky Situation" / "A Town Video: Welcome to Jellystone" 1x10 July 29, 2021
"Spell Book" 1x11 October 21, 2021


Title Number Air date
"Kid Styles for Old People! Part One" 1 September 13, 2021
"Kid Styles for Old People! Part Two" 2 September 18, 2021
"Welcome to Magilla's" 3 September 25, 2021
"Cooking With Winsome Witch" 4 October 2, 2021
"Kabong It!" 5 October 9, 2021
"Heath & Safety with Doggie Daddy" 6 November 27, 2021
"Wait-tea" 7 December 4, 2021


Premiere dates of countries are in order of release:






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