Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary

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Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary
Unite the shield.png
Network Cartoon Network
Premiere date October 14, 2023
Run time 23:13
Starring Scott Menville
Tara Strong
Hyden Walch
Khary Payton
Greg Cipes
Eric Bauza
Jeff Bergman
Bob Bergen
Fred Tatasciore
Jeff Bennett
Writer(s) Morgan Evans
Storyboard artist(s) Branko Kljajic
Geoff Marian
Talya Perper
Jaylen Tate
Josh Weisbrod
Director(s) James Krenzke
Ken McIntyre
Lisa Schaffer (voices)
Animation director(s) Eric J. Pringle
Art director(s) Jonathan Renoni
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Title card
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"Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary" is the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth episodes of Teen Titans Go! season eight, and three hundredth and eighty-ninth and three-hundredth and ninetieth overall. It aired on October 14, 2023 on Cartoon Network. It was written by Morgan Evans, directed by James Krenzke and Ken McIntyre, and voice directed by Lisa Schaffer.

Detailed summary

Memorable quotes

Starfire: I am so the excited to meet the Looney Tunes and the Hanna of Barbera's gang.


Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Robin Scott Menville
Cyborg Khary Payton
Beast Boy Greg Cipes
Starfire Hynden Walch
Raven Tara Strong
Beat Box N/A
Huckleberry Hound N/A
Snagglepuss Lion N/A
Jonny Quest N/A
Dee Dee N/A
Dexter N/A
Superman N/A
Foghorn Leghorn Jeff Bergman
Sylvester N/A
Tweety N/A
Jerry Mouse N/A
Tom Cat N/A
Daffy Duck Eric Bauza
Scooby-Doo N/A
Shaggy Rogers N/A
The Creeper N/A
Witch Doctor N/A
Charlie the Robot N/A
Wile E. Coyote N/A
Road Runner Paul Julian
George Jetson N/A
Elroy Jetson N/A
Judy Jetson N/A
Jane Jetson N/A
Bugs Bunny Eric Bauza
Yogi Bear Jeff Bergman
Gizmo Unavailable
Wilma Flintstone N/A
Fred Flintstone N/A
Dino N/A
Pebbles Flintstone N/A
Michigan J. Frog Fred Tatasciore
The Flash (Golden Age)
Frankie Foster
Freddy Freeman
Space Ghost
Grizz N/A
Panda N/A
Ice Bear N/A
Craig Williams N/A
Kelsey Pokoly N/A
Mortimor N/A
J.P. Mercer N/A
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) N/A
Billy N/A
Grim N/A
Mandy N/A
Quick Draw McGraw N/A
Batman N/A
Boo Boo Bear N/A
Commissioner James Gordon N/A
Rosie N/A
Betty Rubble N/A
Wally Gator N/A
Barney Rubble N/A
Wonder Woman N/A
Superman N/A
Doggie Daddy N/A
Martian Manhunter N/A
The Flash N/A
Finn N/A
Fred Jones N/A
Magilla Gorilla N/A
Hazel Witch N/A
Porky Pig Bob Bergen
Courage N/A
Velma Dinkley N/A
Daphne Blake N/A
Jabberjaw Unavailable
Johnny Bravo N/A
Sylvester N/A
Mojo Jojo N/A
Ed N/A
Double D N/A
Eddy N/A
Bamm-Bamm Rubble N/A
Ranger Smith N/A
Blossom Utonium N/A
Bubbles Utonium N/A
Buttercup Utonium N/A
Taz Fred Tatasciore
Brain Gremlin Jeff Bennett
Chowder N/A
Yosemite Sam Fred Tatasciore
Elmer Fudd N/A
Aquaman N/A
Alfred Pennyworth (poster) N/A
Warner Brothers N/A
Two-Face N/A
Bumblebee N/A
Catwoman N/A
Poison Ivy N/A
Harley Quinn N/A
The Brain N/A
Zatanna N/A
Granny N/A
Top Cat N/A
The Joker (picture) N/A
Bat-Mite (doll) N/A
Swamp-Thing N/A
Vixen N/A
Wonder Girl N/A
Zan N/A
Jayna N/A
Green Lantern (John Stewart) N/A
Wizard of Oz Eric Bauza
Sea creature #1 Bob Bergen
Sea creature #2 Fred Tatasciore
Sea creature #3 Tara Strong
Iron Giant (prop) N/A
Aqualad N/A
Booster Gold N/A
Grape Ape N/A
Samurai Jack




  • Birdarangs
  • WB shield
  • WB shield tracking device
  • Daily Planet globe





It was copyrighted in 2023.


The theme song was written by Andy Sturmer, remixed by Mix Master Mike, and performed by Puffy Amiyumi. The rest of the music was composed by Armen Chakmakian and Jason Brandt, who are both uncredited.

Crew credits


Dates are in order of release:

Behind the scenes

  • Robin's guest list has Flim-Flam, Space Ghost, and Samurai Jack under "Flam, Flim," "Ghost, Space," and "Jack, Samurai."
  • There are several references to the sitcom Friends.
    • The tour goes to Central Perk, a coffee shop which acts as one of the main locations of the show.
    • Robin, Starfire, and Yogi helping the sea creatures with moving their new couch up the stairs to their apartment is a reference to the Friends episode "The One with the Cop," right down to the infamous "pivot" directions.
    • Referring to Gizmo as a smelly cat and how it's not his fault is also a reference to the song "Smelly Cat" made up by Phoebe Buffay, one of the main characters of Friends.
    • The apartment the sea creatures lives in resembles that of Monica and Rachel's, who originally occupied it for the majority of the series.


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