Burning Woman

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Burning Woman
Network Max
Premiere date April 25, 2024
Run time 23:43
Starring Mindy Kaling
Glenn Howerton
Sam Richardson
Constance Wu
Jane Lynch
Wanda Sykes
Sarayu Blue
Frank Welker
Stephen Root
Sara Ramirez
Melissa Fumero
Russell Peters
Vanessa Williams
Jennifer Hale
Pietro Michael
Kari Wahlgren
Music composed by Craig DeLeon
Writer(s) Stephanie M. Johnson
Storyboard artist(s) Jake Armstrong
Steven Chan
Amy Chang
Nicole Chen
Danica Dickison
Maggie McPheeters
Noah Patrick Pfarr
Jennifer Stachovic
Tyler Turrett
Daniel Villa de Rey
Director(s) Meg Waldo
Voice director(s) Charlie Grandy
Animation director(s) James Bowman
Art director(s) Valerio Ventura
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"Burning Woman" is the fifth episode of Velma season two, and the fifteenth episode overall. It aired on April 25, 2024 on Max. It was written by Stephanie M. Johnson, directed by Meg Waldow, and voice directed by series creator, Charlie Grandy.

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Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Velma Dinkley Mindy Kaling
Daphne Blake Constance Wu
Michelle Obama
Diya Dinkley Sarayu Blue
Aman Dinkley Russell Peters
Ed Sheehan (photo) N/A
Olive N/A
Vincent N/A
Vincent's partner N/A
Detective Linda Ke Wanda Sykes
Detective Donna Blake Jane Lynch
Principal Blythe Rogers N/A
Lamont Rogers N/A
Fred Jones Glenn Howerton
Merle Cogburn Stephen Root
News anchor N/A
Norville Rogers Sam Richardson
Sophie Melissa Fumero
Amanda Dinkley N/A
William Jones Frank Welker
Amber Sara Ramirez
Doctor Edna Perdue Vanessa Williams
Thorn Jennifer Hale
Ronda Unavailable
Gavin Swindig N/A
Victoria Jones
Pizza guy Unavailable
Nutso N/A
Sheriff Earl Cogburn (photo) N/A
Old man Frank Welker
Jordan Peele
Father O'Rourke Piotr Michael







There is additional writing from Akshara Sekar, Ben Steiner, and Aaron Geary.


It was copyrighted in 2024.


The music was composed by Craig DeLeon, and edited by Joe Corcoran.



Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: April 25, 2024 on Max

Behind the scenes

  • The coroners were killed in "Creaky Friday."
  • Velma has a poster for Crystal Cove Fog Fest 2006.
  • Mr. Swindig (or Mr. S)'s first name is revealed to be Gavin.
  • In Dr. Perdue's flashbacks, there are calendars marked December and April.
  • Norville mentions the 2017 film Get Out.
  • Father O'Rourke laid out an f-bomb.


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