Speed Buggy (TV series)

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This article is about the TV series. For other uses, see Speed Buggy.
Speed Buggy
SB title card.png
On-screen title card.
Network: ABC
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Original release: September 8-December 22, 1973
Starring: Mel Blanc
Michael Bell
Arlene Golonka
Phil Luther Jr.
Producer(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music composed by: Hoyt Curtin
Writer(s): George Atkins
Haskell Barkin
John Bates
Larz Bourne
Tom Dagenais
Robert Fisher
Ray Parker
Director(s): Charles A. Nichols

Speed Buggy is an American animated mystery comedy TV series produced by Hanna-Barbera (H-B) for ABC's Saturday morning children's programming. It ran in 1973, airing 16 episodes.

In 2021, Speed Buggy and Tinker appear in the Jellystone! reboot.




The music was composed by Hoyt Curtin.


Title Number Air date
"Speed Buggy Went That-a-Way" 1x01 September 8, 1973
"Speed Buggy's Daring Escapade" 1x02 September 15, 1973
"Taggert's Trophy" 1x03 September 22, 1973
"Speed Buggy Falls in Love" 1x04 September 29, 1973
"Kingzilla" 1x05 October 6, 1973
"Professor Snow and Madame Ice" 1x06 October 13, 1973
"Out of Sight" 1x07 October 20, 1973
"Gold Fever" 1x08 October 27, 1973
"Island of the Giant Plants" 1x09 November 3, 1973
"Soundmaster" 1x10 November 10, 1973
"The Ringmaster" 1x11 November 17, 1973
"The Incredible Changing Man" 1x12 November 24, 1973
"Secret Safari" 1x13 December 1, 1973
"Oil's Well That Ends Well" 1x14 December 8, 1973
"The Hidden Valley of Amazonia" 1x15 December 15, 1973
"Captain Schemo and the Underwater City" 1x16 December 22, 1973