Tom and Jerry (2023 TV series)

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This article is about the 2023 TV series. For other uses, see Tom and Jerry.
Tom and Jerry
T&J 2023 title card.png
Network Cartoon Network
Production company Warner Bros. Animation
Chips and Toon
Robot Playground Media
Aum Animation Studios
Distributor Warner Bros. Television
Original release August 2023
Run time 7 minutes
Executive producer(s) Sam Register
Producer(s) Carlene Tan
Director(s) Vivek Bolar
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Tom and Jerry, also known as Tom and Jerry in Singapore, is an American-Asian animated slapstick comedy television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation, Chips and Toon, Robot Playground Media, and Aum Animation Studios, that aired on Cartoon Network in Asia. It is the seventh Tom and Jerry series after Hanna-Barbera's The Tom & Jerry Show. It will also be the first series in the franchise to be produced in Asia and India.

The cat and mouse rivalry between Tom and Jerry moves to Singapore.



A two second clip was shown on December 25, 2022 on Cartoon Network Australia. More clips and the title card, referring to it as Hurry, Hurry Tom and Jerry, were also shown on Cartoon Network Asia in December.

It was initially announced that French studio Xilam was handling the animation, however, on July 25, 2023, it was corrected that Indian-based studio Aum Animation Studios were animating, with stories and designs coming from Singapore-based Robot Playground Media and Chips and Toon Studios, and the series itself would be set in Singapore.[1]



Seven episodes were produced each at three minutes, and given a sneak peak in August on Cartoon Network in Asia Pacific and HBO Go in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong later in the year before being rolled out internationally.[1]

Title Number Original air date
"What's That Smell" 1x01 August 7, 2023
"Sky's the Limit" 1x02 October 21, 2023
"What Goes Around Comes Around" 1x03 October 28, 2023
"Be Careful What You Fish For" 1x04 November 4, 2023
"Colourful Chase" 1x05 November 11, 2023
"Ice Ice Paradise" 1x06 November 11, 2023
"Count on Merli" 1x07 December 9, 2023