Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

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Wait Till Your Father Gets Home
WTYFGH DVD menu.png
DVD menu showing the series title altogether, unlike the series itself.
Network: NBC
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Distributor: Taft Broadcasting
Original release: September 12, 1972October 8, 1974
Run time: 23 minutes
Starring: Tom Bosley
Joan Gerber
Kristina Holland
David Hayward
Jackie Haley
Lennie Weinrib
Willie Aames
Frank Burns
Executive producer(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Producer(s): R.S. Allen
Harvey Bullock
Zoran Janjic
Music composed by: Richard Bowden
Writer(s): Jack Elinson
Norman Paul
Charles Anthony
Mark Scott
Animation director(s): Peter Luschwitz

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home is an American animated comedy-drama television series produced by Hanna-Barbera for NBC. It ran from 1972 to 1974, airing 48 episodes that spanned three seasons. It was the last prime time animated sitcom from Hanna-Barbera, up until Capitol Critters in 1992. Although geared towards adults, its apparent accessibility for the whole family allowed it to be aired on Cartoon Network and Boomerang in their heydays.

In a small American neigborhood, Harry Boyle—a middle-aged conservative suburbanite—must deal with the problems his family presents him, which includes wife Irma, and their three kids; the outspoken feminist, yet boy-crazy daughter, Alice, long-haired and unemployed first son, Chet, and second younger son, Jamie. Despite his old-fashioned values and wisdom, he also has to deal with his next door neighbor, Ralph Kane; an ultra-right wing, anti-communist conspiracist.

Only the first season is available on DVD, while the second and third seasons are unlikely to be released due to clearance issues.



Following the success of Norman Lear's TV sitcom All in the Family, Hanna-Barbera created the series by using Lear's show as its inspiration.[1][2] By using it as the basis, the series managed to focus on topics such as the generation gap, sex, and bigotry; topics that were seldomly brought up in TV animation prior.[1] Whereas their two previous sitcoms—The Flintstones and The Jetsons—were set in fantastical time periods, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home set itself apart by taking place in the then-current, modern world. Hanna-Barbera brought in Playboy magazine artist Marty Murphy to design the characters of the show.[1]

Like many animated series created by Hanna-Barbera in the 1970s, the show contained a laugh track created by the studio.[3]

The pilot, "Love and the Old-Fashioned Father," made its debut on the TV anthology series Love, American Style, on February 11, 1972. Following the pilot, the first episode of the series aired on September 12 of the same year.


The music was composed by Richard Bowden, who was credited as musical director, with musical supervision from Paul DeKorte.


Title Number Original air date
"Love and the Old-Fashioned Father" 0x00 February 11, 1972
"The Fling" 1x01 September 12, 1972
"Alice's Dress" 1x02 September 19, 1972
"The Hippie" 1x03 September 26, 1972
"The Beach Vacation" 1x04 October 3, 1972
"Help Wanted" 1x05 October 10, 1972
"Love Story" 1x06 October 17, 1972
"The Victim" 1x07 October 24, 1972
"Chet's Job" 1x08 October 31, 1972
"Chet's Fiancee" 1x09 November 7, 1972
"The Mouse" 1x10 November 14, 1972
"Duty Calls" 1x11 November 21, 1972
"Expectant Papa" 1x12 November 28, 1972
"The New Car" 1x13 December 5, 1972
"The New House" 1x14 December 12, 1972
"The Prowler" 1x15 December 19, 1972
"Mama's Identity" 1x16 December 26, 1972
"Papa the Patient" 1x17 January 2, 1973
"The Swimming Pool" 1x18 January 9, 1973
"Sweet Sixteen" 1x19 January 16, 1973
"The Commune" 1x20 January 23, 1973
"Music Tycoon" 1x21 January 30, 1973
"Accidents Will Happen" 1x22 February 6, 1973
"Papa in New York" 1x23 February 13, 1973
"The Neighbors" 1x24 February 20, 1973
"Bringing Up Jamie" 2x01 September 11, 1973
"The Lady Detective" 2x02 September 18, 1973
"Permissive Papa" 2x03 September 25, 1973
"Boyles on TV" 2x04 October 2, 1973
"My Wife, the Secretary" 2x05 October 9, 1973
"Papa, the Housewife" 2x06 October 16, 1973
"Jamie's Project" 2x07 October 23, 1973
"Don for the Defence" 2x08 November 6, 1973
"Alice's Diet" 2x09 November 13, 1973
"Mama Loves Monty" 2x10 November 20, 1973
"Alice's Crush" 2x11 November 27, 1973
"Papa's Big Check" 2x12 December 4, 1973
"Mama's Charity" 2x13 December 11, 1973
"Chet's Pad" 2x14 December 14, 1973
"Papa the Coach" 2x15 December 25, 1973
"Birdman Chet" 2x16 January 1, 1974
"Back to Nature" 2x17 January 8, 1974
"Alice's Freedom" 2x18 January 15, 1974
"The Beekeeper" 2x19 January 22, 1974
"Maude Loves Papa" 2x20 January 29, 1974
"Rich Little, Supersleuth" 3x01 September 17, 1974
"Model Alice" 3x02 September 24, 1974
"Marriage Counselor" 3x03 October 1, 1974
"Car 54" 3x04 October 8, 1974


Celebrity guests

Everlasting Influence

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home was the first animated prime time sitcom since The Flintstones to air for more than one season, and would remain the only one until The Simpsons seventeen years later.


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