Papa Smurf

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Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf.png
Species Smurf
Gender Male
Occupation Village leader
Marital status Single
First appearance TS: "The Astrosmurf" (1981)
Played by Don Messick

Papa Smurf is the leader of the Smurfs, and one of the main characters in The Smurfs animated television series. He is voiced by Don Messick.

Papa's responsibility is to ensure the inhabitants of the Smurf Village live in peace, and guard them against any danger that exists within the Smurf Forest.

Character description


TV series




In popular culture

  • In the Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures episode "Don't Touch That Dial," among all the Saturday morning show parodies, there is a Smurf-like character in red clothing like Papa, but looks like Popeye.
  • In the Adventures of Superman #441, Mr. Mxyzptlk brings to life a billboard advertising Saturday morning cartoons, including one for The Dorfs, with pastiches of Papa and Brainy, before a whole horde of Dorfs try to thank Superman to death, but Superman defeats them by trapping them all inside his cape.
  • In the Duck Dodgers episode "The Green Loontern," when Dodgers thanks Ganthet for sticking up for him, he humorously calls him Papa Smurf.
  • In the DTV The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, while the Smurfs hold a funeral for Papa, Smurfette, Brainy, and Hefty get run over by a carriage.
  • In the first half of the Mad episode "Avaturd/CSiCarly," Papa Smurf is the clan leader of the Na'vi.
  • In The Goldbergs episode "12 Tapes for a Penny," Adam makes up multiple names, including Papa Smurfenstein, to scam Columbia House out of their tapes.

The Cleveland Show

  • "B.M.O.C.:" Federline addresses Cleveland as Papa Smurf because he was stupid enough to believe Cleveland when he told Federline that was his name. When Federline leaves, Cleveland wishes him a "Smurfy day."
  • "Escape from Goochland:" Cleveland disguises himself as Papa.
  • "The Hangover Part Tubbs:" Cleveland Jr. compares the size of the school speedo to Papa's hat.

Sugar and Toys

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  • "It's Hard to Raise Yourself These Days:" A bearded purple Papa-like Smurf (revealed to be called Purps in "Superduper Kyle's Stay at Home Staycation") acts as the DJ in a rap showdown between other knock-off cartoon characters in a segment called "Cartoon Cypher."
  • "Burning Scouts:" The bearded Purp and a clean-shaven Purp disrobe to see each other naked in an aptly named segment called "Cartoon BFFs, See Each Other Naked for the First Time." The clean-shaven Smurf is surprised by the discolouration of the bearded Smurfs' penis.