Allstar Seaworthy

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Allstar Seaworthy
Allstar Seaworthy.png
Species Snork
Gender Male
Affiliation Casey Kelp
Dimmy Finster
Daffney Gillfin
Tooter Shellby
Father Mr. Seaworthy
Mother Mrs. Seaworthy
Sister(s) Smallstar Seaworthy
Other relative(s) One uncle, Doctor Galeo
Marital status Single
First appearance Snorks: "Journey to the Source" (1984)
Played by Michael Bell

Allstar Seaworthy is a Snork and one of the main characters in the Snorks animated television series. He is voiced by Michael Bell.

Character description




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Behind the scenes

In popular culture

  • In the cutaway gag of the Family Guy episode "Brian the Bachelor," Allstar and Casey are on a date. Casey likes Allstar for not being like all the other guys who only want sex, but when she accidentally spills wine on the floor and cleans it up, it gives Allstar an erection, which is channeled through his snorkel. Bell reprises his role of Allstar.