Jana of the Jungle

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Jana of the Jungle
JOTJ title card.png
On-screen title card.
Created by: Doug Wildey
Dick Robbins[1]
Duane Poole[1]
Network: NBC
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Distributor: Taft Broadcasting
Original release: September 9December 2, 1978
Run time: 21 minutes
Starring: B.J. Ward
Michael Bell
Ted Cassidy
Executive producer(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Producer(s): Doug Wildey
Iwao Takamoto
Music composed by: Hoyt Curtin
Writer(s): Dick Robbins
Duane Poole
Director(s): Ray Patterson
Carl Urbano
Wally Burr (voices)

Jana of the Jungle is an American animated adventure television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for NBC's Saturday morning children's programming. It ran in 1978, airing 13 episodes that spanned one season.

As a child, Jana and her father become the victims of a boating accident while traveling the Great River of South America. She is saved from being drowned by Montaro, the last of a warrior tribe (who can speak perfect English), while her father survives, but is not found. His survival is only revealed to the audience, while she believes that he has survived based solely on no evidence, and it's barely on her mind (as if that wouldn't have made an interesting side plot). She grows up into a formidable protector and defender of the jungle since being raised by Montaro and has befriended many of the local animals, including a white tiger named Ghost, and a parrot named Picchu. By the start of the series, she has already been joined by Doctor Ben Cooper, a veterinarian who happens to be there (and would've clearly made an interesting love interest, but alas, he is not).

Most episodes revolve around Jana dealing with the numerous indigenous tribes who are superstitious and uneducated.



Jana of the Jungle may have been Hanna-Barbera's response to Filmation's Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle. Like Jana, he was well-spoken and intelligent, opposed to being simple-minded.


The music was composed by Hoyt Curtin, credited as musical director, with musical supervision from Paul DeKorte.


Episode Number Original air date
"Countdown" 1x01 September 9, 1978
"The Golden Idol of the Gorgas" 1x02 September 16, 1978
"Katuchi Danger" 1x03 September 23, 1978
"Race for Life" 1x04 September 30, 1978
"The Cordillera Volcano" 1x05 October 7, 1978
"The Animal Snatchers" 1x06 October 14, 1978
"The Renegade" 1x07 October 21, 1978
"Rogue Elephant" 1x08 October 28, 1978
"The Prisoner" 1x09 November 4, 1978
"The Invaders" 1x10 November 11, 1978
"Dangerous Cargo" 1x11 November 18, 1978
"The Sting of the Tarantula" 1x12 November 25, 1978
"Suspicion" 1x13 December 2, 1978



In the same year, Jana also made a hilariously misplaced guest appearance on Yogi's Space Race.