Sealab 2020

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Sealab 2020
SL2020 title card.png
On-screen title card.
Created by Alex Toth
Network CBS
Production company Hanna-Barbera
Distributor Taft Broadcasting
Original release September 9December 2, 1972
Starring Ross Martin
John Stephenson
Jerry Dexter
Ann Jillian
Ron Pinkard
William Callaway
Josh Albee
Pamelyn Ferdin
Producer(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Art Scott
Music composed by Hoyt Curtin
Writer(s) Peter Dixon
Fred Freiberger
Director(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Animation director(s) Charles A. Nichols
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Sealab 2020 is an American animated environmental TV series produced by Hanna-Barbera and created by Alex Toth. It ran in 1972 on NBC's Saturday morning children's programming block, airing 13 episodes that spanned one season. The series later reaired on Boomerang in its heyday.

In the year 2020, a team of oceanographers has dedicated their lives to exploring and protecting marine life from the research base at the bottom of the Challenger seamount.

The series was made with intent of making viewers ecoligically aware of marine life, as well as encourage them to protect the enviroment. Although not particularly successful, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim revived the series in the form of Sealab 2021, an adult parody that was mostly made up of stock footage from the original series, running from 2000 to 2005.

The entire series has been released on DVD.




The score was composed by Hoyt Curtin, who was credited as musical director, with musical supervision from Paul DeKorte.


Title Number Original air date
"Deep Threat" 1x01 September 9, 1972
"Lost" 1x02 September 16, 1972
"Green Fever" 1x03 September 23, 1972
"The Singing Whale" 1x04 September 30, 1972
"The Shark Lover" 1x05 October 7, 1972
"The Basking Shark" 1x06 October 14, 1972
"Where Dangers Are Many" 1x07 October 21, 1972
"Backfire" 1x08 October 28, 1972
"The Deepest Dive" 1x09 November 4, 1972
"The Challenge" 1x10 November 11, 1972
"Collision of the Aquarius" 1x11 November 18, 1972
"The Capture" 1x12 November 25, 1972
"The Arctic Story" 1x13 December 2, 1972


Dates are in order of release: