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George Jetson
George Jetson.png
Behold, the man of tomorrow.
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Rosie
Henry Orbit
Occupation: Digital index operator
Works for: Spacely Space Sprockets
Goals: Supporting his family
Sleep during his work shift
Father: Arthur Jetson in DC Comics' The Jetsons
Mother: Rosie Jetson in DC Comics' The Jetsons
Grandfather(s): Montague Jetson
Marital status: Husband to Jane Jetson
Children: One daughter, Judy
One son, Elroy
First appearance: TJ: "Rosey the Robot" (1962)
Played by: George O'Hanlon (1962-90)
Jeff Bergman (since 1990)
Wally Wingert (2004)
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Jetsons: The Movie
DC George.png
The Jetsons

George Jetson is one of the main characters and the protagonist of the Jetsons animated franchise. His voice was originated by George O'Hanlon.

George is a middle-class family man from 2062 (or sometime in the distant future), who works at a manufacturing plant called Spacely Space Sprockets that makes sprockets as a digital index operator, meaning that he spends his time sitting and pushing a button. Legally, he's supposed to work an hour a day, two days a week,[1] but this varies greatly due to his boss, Mr. Spacely, tasking George with many other duties that are way out of his job description.

Character description

Oh, boy, what a day. I'm getting punchy from punching all these buttons.
― George Jetson, The Jetsons, "The Coming of Astro" (1962)

Physically speaking, George is a rather slim man of average height with short red hair and a large nose. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt, blue pants with a green belt, and white sneakers.

His personality is that of a well-meaning and caring father. However, he is also a man who gets stressed out by many problems; usually from his work with Mr. Spacely and with his family's needs. George gets very bored with his job fast, and often complains about the heavy workload he does. Due to this, he sometimes sleeps in the middle of his work shift than pressing buttons on a computer. His boss, Mr. Spacely, constantly fires George over every reason he could think of, though he quickly hires him back in end.

While he is an honest father, George can be quite bumbling at times, usually as the one who is at the receiving end of slapstick. He sometimes detests giving affection from his pet dog Astro, and is also a little out of touch when it comes to new trends that his kids, Elroy Jetson and Judy, pick on. Despite this, he is a loving parent and goes out of his way to show respect to his family, especially with his wife, Jane. George's most famous catchphrase is "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!", as heard in the end credits of the 1960s episodes. He also utters the phrase "Hooba-dooba-dooba!" or "Hooba-Dooba!" to express wonder or astonishment.

Unlike Fred Flintstone (who is usually paired up with Barney Rubble), George has no real friends outside of his family, except the occasional conversations he has with Henry Orbit, the apartment handyman; and R.U.D.I., the artificial intelligence at Spacely Space Sprockets.


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George was named and modeled after his voice actor, George O'Hanlon.


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Behind the scenes

  • As early as 2019, the birthdate of George Jetson was the subject of debate among fans, factcheckers and journalists.[2][3][4] In July 2022, the character resurfaced on social media when fans claimed that his birthday was July 31, 2022. Despite the claim, no official evidence has been found confirming this or any other specific date,[5] although there is some evidence from the show that the year of his birth is 2022.[4]
  • In the episode "Test Pilot", when George Jetson was told by Dr. Radius that he “should live to be 150,” he exclaimed that he had “110 good years ahead of me”. George is 40 years old based on this simple exchange.[2]
  • According to the season two episode, "The Vacation", his family phone number is Venus-1234.
  • While all cameos of George in The Powerpuff Girls are doubtfully him, it is especially sketchy in the episode "Get Back Jojo," where he appears as a stand-in for a parent at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.

In popular culture

  • Although having no part in the actual movie, George, along with Jane and Astro, was featured on the poster of the film D.A.R.Y.L. The inclusion of the family may represent something Daryl is missing out on, while Paramount Pictures may have included it as an Easter egg as they had acquired the rights the same year for what became an undeveloped live-action movie.
  • In The Ren & Stimpy Show episode "The Big Shot!," Stimpy becomes the co-star of Muddy Mudskipper, where they reenact one of the many chase sequences between Yogi and Ranger Smith, respectively. Muddy tells Stimpy to get his hand out of the picnic basket, while Stimpy spouts out random quotes like "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!"
  • In the Moesha episode "The Ditch Party," Hakeem calls the Mitchell family the Jetsons, as part of the recurring joke of him referring to the family as popular families, whether they be fake or real. His reason for calling them the Jetsons is that Frank has the same haircut as George.
  • In the Drawn Together episode "A Tale of Two Cows," he's killed by Live Action Cow alongside his family. What's left of him is seen on the treadmill, in reference to the ending scene from the original series. When the gang passes by, Captain Hero references George's famous line by saying "We need to stop this crazy thing!"
  • George, alongside Jane, Rosie, Judy, and Elroy, appears as posters in the Kanye West music video for "Heartless."
  • In the Steven Universe episode "Greg the Babysitter," when Greg and Sour Cream get stuck on the Ferris wheel, he yells for Rose to "get him off this crazy thing."
  • For the 2021 Halloween special of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Ryan Seacrest was dressed as George.
  • In the Disney+ film Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, there is a cosplayer dressed like George at Fan Con, both inside and outside (who may or may not be the same person).


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