CB Bears (TV series)

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CB Bears
CBB title card.png
On-screen title card.
Network: NBC
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Original release: September 10-December 3, 1977
Starring: Daws Butler
Don Messick
Alan Oppenheimer
Bob Hastings
Marvin Kaplan
Chuck McCann
Ginny McSwain
Henry Corden
Sheldon Allman
Michael Bell
Susan Davis
Joe E. Ross
Susan Silo
Lennie Weinrib
Paul Winchell
Bill Woodson
Producer(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music composed by: Hoyt Curtin
Writer(s): Bill Ackerman
Haskell Barkin
Barry Blitzer
Tom Dagenais
Karl Geurs
Orville Hampton
Don Jurwich
Jon Kubichan
Joan Maurer
Ray Parker
Howard Post
Dick Robbins
Jerry Winnick
Director(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera

The CB Bears is an animated American television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for NBC's Saturday morning children's programming. It ran in 1977, airing 13 episodes.

This series featured six segments making it one of the longest (content-wise) HB series in the 70's.

The show debuted with segments, Blast-Off Buzzard, Heyyy, It's the King!, Posse Impossible, Shake, Rattle and Roll and Undercover Elephant.

The show was split up into a half hour format with CB Bears, Blast-Off Buzzard and Posse Impossible on one half, and Heyyy, It's the King!, Shake, Rattle and Roll and Undercover Elephant on the other half.





The music was composed by Hoyt Curtin.

Opening theme song lyrics

It's the CB Bears!

Boogie, Hustle and Bump, law-abiding mystery solvers! ...with Blast-Off Buzzard and Crazylegs in a constant comedy chase of laughs and fun!

Along with Slipshod sheriff and his bossy impossible!

All ride into a surprise meditative of excitement! On the CB Bears show!


Episode Number Air date
"The Missing Mansion Mystery/Buzzard, You're a Turkey/The Blue Kangaroo/Big Duke and Li'l Lil/Guess What's Coming to Dinner/The Sneaky Sheik" 1x01 September 10, 1977
"The Doomsday Mine/Hard Headed Hard Hat/The First King on Mars/Trouble at Ghostarado/The Ghostly Ghoul is a Ghastly Guest/Baron Von Rippemoff" 1x02 September 17, 1977
"Follow that Mountain/Hearts and Flowers, Buzzards and Snakes/The Riverbed 5000/The Not So Great Train Robbery/There's No Pest Like a Singing Guest/The Moanin' Lisa" 1x03 September 24, 1977
"Valley of No Return/The Egg & Aye Aye Aye/Surf's Up/The Alabama Brahma Bull/Shake the Lion-Hearted/Pain in the Brain" 1x04 October 1, 1977
"The Fright Farm/Testing 1-2-3/The King and His Jokers/The Crunch Bunch Crashout/The Real Cool Ghoul/The Great Hospital Hassle" 1x05 October 8, 1977
"Drackenstein's Revenge/Ho, Ho, Ho, It's the Buzzard's Birthday/Hot Gold Fever/One of Our Rivers is Missing/Spooking is Hazardous to Your Health/Latin Losers" 1x06 October 15, 1977
"Water, Water...Nowhere/Wheelin' and Reelin'/The Carnival Caper/Sneakiest Rustler in the West/Spooking the Spooks/Dr. Doom's Gloom" 1x07 October 22, 1977
"The Wild, Wild Wilderness/Buzzard, Clean Up Your Act/The Unhappy Heavy Hippo/Bad Medicine/From Scream to Screen/Chicken Flickin' Capon Caper" 1x08 October 29, 1977
"Island of Terror/Backyard Buzzards/The King for Prez/Busting Boomerino/Gloom and Doo DeDoom/Undercover Around the World" 1x09 November 5, 1977
"Go North, Young Bears/Spy in the Sky/Snowbound Safari/Roger the Dodger/Polt R Geist/Irate Pirates" 1x10 November 12, 1977
"The Invasion of the Blobs/First Class Buzzard/Great Billionaire Chase Case/Riverboat Sam the Gambling Man/Too Many Kooks/Perilous Pigskin" 1x11 November 19, 1977
"The Disaster from the Skies/Freezin' and Sneezin'/Boat Fever/The Invisible Kid/A Scary Face from Outer Space/Swami Whammy" 1x12 November 26, 1977
"Disappearing Satellites/Cousin Snakey is a Groove/Go for It, King/Calamity John/Health Spa Spooks/The Disappearing Duchess" 1x13 December 3, 1977