Going Bananas

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Going Bananas
GB title card.png
Created by: Len Janson
Chuck Menville
Network: NBC
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Janson-Menville Productions
Original release: September 15December 1, 1984
Run time: 23 minutes
Starring: J.R.
Tim Topper
Emily Moultrie
Marie Denn
Bill Saluga
James Avery
Executive producer(s): Len Janson
Chuck Menville
William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Producer(s): Christopher Brough
Renee Maltz
Music composed by: Shuki Levy
Haim Saban
Writer(s): Len Janson
Chuck Menville
Director(s): Bob LaHendro

Going Bananas is an American live-action fantasy comedy TV series produced Hanna-Barbera for NBC's Saturday morning children's programming. It ran in 1984, airing 12 episodes.

The Cole family takes in an orangutan (named Roxanna Banana) who lived at the zoo. Simple enough, right? WRONG. Roxanna also inexplicably gets hit by a UFO's ray in broad daylight, endowing her with superpowers.




The music was composed and conducted by Shuki Levy and Haim Saban, with musical supervision from Paul DeKorte. The theme song was performed by Irene Cara.


Title Number Original air date
TBA 1x01 September 15, 1984
TBA 1x02 September 22, 1984
TBA 1x03 September 29, 1984
TBA 1x04 October 6, 1984
TBA 1x05 October 13, 1984
TBA 1x06 October 20, 1984
TBA 1x07 October 27, 1984
TBA 1x08 November 3, 1984
TBA 1x09 November 10, 1984
TBA 1x10 November 17, 1984
TBA 1x11 November 24, 1984
TBA 1x12 December 1, 1984

Three episode titles that have been uncovered are "Black Leather Bananas," "Banana Come Home," and "Lights, Camera, Bananas!" Unfortunately, it's unknown when they aired/which episode numbers they are.