The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series

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The Hanna-Barbera New Cartoon Series
WG title card.png
On-screen title card from the main segment, Wally Gator.
Network: NBC
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Original release: September 3, 1962August 26, 1963

Starring: Daws Butler
Don Messick
Bill Thompson
Alan Reed
Mel Blanc
Producer(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Music composed by: Hoyt Curtin
Director(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera

The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Show is an animated American anthology TV series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions for NBC's Saturday morning children's programming. It ran from 1962 to 1963, airing 52 episodes.






Episode Number Air date
"Droopy Dragon/See-Saw/Whale of a Tale" 1x01 September 3, 1962
"Gator-Napper/Water-Melon Felon/Zero-Hero" 1x02 September 10, 1962
"Swamp Fever/Scare to Spare/Dilly of a Lilly" 1x03 September 17, 1962
"White Tie and Frails/Gulp and Saucer/Missing Missile" 1x04 September 24, 1962
"Escape Artist/Map Happy/Lake Serpent" 1x05 October 1, 1962
"California or Bust/Smile the Wild/You Bug Me" 1x06 October 8, 1962
"Frame and Fortune/Charge of the Fright Brigade/Roll-A-Ghoster" 1x07 October 15, 1962
"Tantalizin' Turnips/Film Flam/Giant Double-Header" 1x08 October 22, 1962
"Over the Fence is Out/Gunflighter/Loser Take All" 1x09 October 29, 1962
"Bear with Me/Hick Hikers/Takes Two to Tangle" 1x10 November 5, 1962
"Outside Looking in/A Thousand and One Frights/Mr. Robots" 1x11 November 12, 1962
"Bachelor Buttons/Double Trouble/Touché at Bat" 1x12 November 19, 1962
"Which is Which Witch/Laugh a Loaf/Billy the Cad" 1x13 November 26, 1962
"Pen-Striped Suit/Genie is a Meany/Dog Daze" 1x14 December 3, 1962
"Ship Shape Escape/Banks for Everything/Ant and Rave" 1x15 December 10, 1962
"Semi Seminole/Fiddle Faddled/Black is the Knight" 1x16 December 17, 1962
"Little Red Riding Gator/Kidnap Trap/Dragon Along" 1x17 December 24, 1962
"Ice Cube Boob/Witch Crafty/Satellite Fright" 1x18 December 31, 1962
"The Forest's Prime Evil/Gas Again/Sheepy-Time Pal" 1x19 January 7, 1963
"Snooper Snowzer/Horse and Waggin/Hex Marks the Spot" 1x20 January 14, 1963
"Unconscious Conscience/Baby Bottled/Catch as Cat Can" 1x21 January 21, 1963
"Gator-Baiter/Hard Luck Hardy/Sea for Two" 1x22 January 28, 1963
"False Alarm/Snow Use/High Goon" 1x23 February 4, 1963
"Phantom Alligator/Injun Trouble/Grandma Outlaw" 1x24 February 11, 1963
"Puddle Hopper/Mouse in the House/Duel Control" 1x25 February 18, 1963
"Baby Chase/Crazy Cat Capers/Rapid Rabbit" 1x26 February 25, 1963
"Gosh Zilla/Phoney Pony/Thumb Hero" 2x01 March 4, 1963
"Camera Shy Guy/Egg Experts/Kat-Napped" 2x02 March 11, 1963
"Rebel Rabble/Rabbit Romeo/Romeo, Touché, and Juliet" 2x03 March 18, 1963
"No More Mower/Bird in the Hand/The Big Bite" 2x04 March 25, 1963
"Knight Nut/Legion Heirs/Flying Saucer Sorcerer" 2x05 April 1, 1963
"Ape Scrape/Hoots and Saddles/Aladdin's Lampoon" 2x06 April 8, 1963
"Gator-Imitator/Monster Mix-Up/Haunting License" 2x07 April 15, 1963
"Safe at Home/Bye-Bye Fly-Guy/The Phoney Phantom" 2x08 April 22, 1963
"Balloon Buffoon/Wooden Nickels/Touché's Last Stand" 2x09 April 29, 1963
"Rassle Dazzle/Two for the Road/Chief Beef" 2x10 May 6, 1963
"Sea Sick Pals/King's X/Like Wild, Man" 2x11 May 13, 1963
"Accidentally on Purpose/Amusement Park Lark/Dum de Dum Dum" 2x12 May 20, 1963
"Whistle Stopper/T for Two/Et Tu Touché" 2x13 May 27, 1963
"Birthday Grievings/Tiny Troubles/Dragon Feat" 2x14 June 3, 1963
"Medicine Avenue/Flood for a Thought/Red Riding Hoodlum" 2x15 June 10, 1963
"Marshall Wally/Hocus Focus/Dough Nuts" 2x16 June 17, 1963
"One Round Trip/Shamrocked/Save the Last Trance for Me" 2x17 June 24, 1963
"Gopher Broke/Witch Crafty/Waterloo for Two" 2x18 July 1, 1963
"Gladiator Gator/Chow You Feelings/Robin Hoodlum" 2x19 July 8, 1963
"Bubble Trouble/Easy Doesn't It/The Shoe Must Go On" 2x20 July 15, 1963
"Ice Charades/Drop Me a Lion/Quack Hero" 2x21 July 22, 1963
"Creature Feature/Map Sap/Aliblabber and the Forty Thieves" 2x22 July 29, 1963
"Squatter's Rights/Shark Shock/Out of This Whirl" 2x23 August 5, 1963
"The Big Drip/No Spooking Allowed/Hero on the Half Shell" 2x24 August 12, 1963
"Gourmet Gator/Me-My-Mine/Tenderfoot Turtle" 2x25 August 19, 1963
"Carpet Bragger/Together Mess/Peace and Riot" 2x26 August 26, 1963