Jerry Mouse

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Jerry Mouse
Jerry Mouse.png
Jerry in Hatch Up Your Troubles.
Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Tom Cat
Robyn Starling
Occupation: Author[1]
Other relative(s): Nephew, Nibbles/Tuffy[2]
Cousins, Muscles Mouse and George[2]
Uncle, Pecos
Marital status: Single
First appearance: T&J: Puss Gets the Boot
Played by: William Hanna
Mel Blanc (1963-67)
Frank Welker (1990-93, Tom and Jerry Kids; 2002, The Magic Ring)
(Dana Hill 1992, Tom and Jerry: The Movie)
Samuel Vincent (2006-08, Tom and Jerry Tales)

Jerry Mouse is the main character of the Tom and Jerry franchise, playing the hero protagonist, although he hasn't been entirely innocent throughout.

He has to constantly watch out for Tom Cat, who as one might expect, wants to eat Jerry, although sometimes it appears to be more about the thrill of the chase. Despite this, Jerry appears to live life fairly easily.

Jerry was introduced as a character in a theatrical short series, with his first appearance in Puss Gets the Boot, and subsequently appeared in other media, such as TV series and direct-to-video films. He rarely speaks, relying on a range of vocal effects to express his emotions, which are usually made up of high pitched yells and screams, originally performed by William Hanna, which are still in use today long after his passing. His most memorable speaking role occurred in Tom and Jerry: The Movie, in which his voice came out from actress Dana Hill's.

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