Cow and Chicken

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Cow and Chicken
C&C title card.png
Cow and Chicken! And the scene-stealing Red Guy!
Created by: David Feiss
Network: Cartoon Network
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original release: July 15, 1997July 24, 1999
Run time: 22 minutes
Starring: Charlie Adler
Dee Bradley
Candi Milo
Howard Morris
Dan Castellaneta
Executive producer(s): Sherry Gunther
Larry Huber
Producer(s): Davis Doi
Vincent Davis
Louis J. Cuck
Selma Gladney
Debby Hindman
Music composed by: Guy Moon
Writer(s): David Feiss
Bill Burnett
Michael Ryan
Director(s): David Feiss
Kris Zimmerman (voices)
Animation director(s): Scott Morse
Deane Taylor

Cow and Chicken is an American animated slapstick comedy TV series produced by Hanna-Barbera for Cartoon Network. It ran from 1997 to 1999, airing 52 episodes. When the series ended, its secondary segment, I Am Weasel, was spun off into its own full-fledged TV series in 1999.

An adolescent cow and chicken named Cow and Chicken live together as siblings with two human parents (whose upper halves are never shown). They also attend school and deal with the Red Guy, a spoof on the Devil.



David Feiss brought the series to life after coming up with a bedtime story for his then six-year-old daughter. The morning after he remembered it, and drew a 25-page children's book out of it. When Hanna-Barbera called him for their 52-episode What a Cartoon! idea, he pitched them Cow and Chicken. They started off as life-long friends with a romantic interest, but they were changed to siblings. The parents and the Red Guy were also added; Feiss saw the Red Guy as the key to the show, "adding that extra element of chaos."[1]


A hundred people were auditioned for the different parts, with Charlie Adler auditioning separately for Cow, Chicken, and the Red Guy. There was a "little pushback" from Cartoon Network who believed that each character should be played by a different actor, but Feiss reminded them of Mel Blanc.[1]


"Buffalo Gals" was banned after being aired once because a female biker group implied to be lesbians using sexual innuendos. In reruns, it was replaced with "Orthodontic Police."

When the series finished, Cartoon Network tasked Feiss with writing a movie, who then did an outline with Michael Ryan, which involved them traveling and looking for something.[1]


  • Cow and Chicken
  • I Am Weasel


The theme song and score were composed by Guy Moon. The opening theme featured lyrics written by David Feiss. Bodie Chandler was the director of music production.

Theme song lyrics

Chicken: Mama had a chicken.
Cow: and Mama had a cow.
Both: Dad was proud, he didn't care how.

Cow: Cow!

Chicken: Chicken!

Both: Cow and Chicken!


Title Number Original air date
"No Smoking" 0x01 November 12, 1995
"Field Trip to Folsom Prison" / "The Girl's Bathroom" / I Am Weasel: "This Bridge, Not Weasel Bridge" 1x01 July 15, 1997
"Supermodel Cow" / "Part Time Job" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. on Sun" 1x02 July 22, 1997
"Alive!" / "Who is Super Cow?" / I Am Weasel: "Deep Sea Tour" 1x03 July 29, 1997
"Confused" / "The Molten Fairy" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. Gentlemans" 1x04 August 5, 1997
"The Ugliest Weenie Part One" / I Am Weasel: "I Are Big Star" / "The Ugliest Weenie Epilogue" 1x05 August 12, 1997
"Crash Dive!" / "Power of Meat" / I Am Weasel: "Power of Odor" 1x06 August 19, 1997
"School Bully" / "Time Machine" / I Am Weasel: "Ping Pong at Sea" 1x07 August 26, 1997
"Orthodontic Police" / "The Cow with Four Eyes" / I Am Weasel: "Disease Fiesta" 1x08 September 2, 1997
"Cow's Instincts... Don't It?" / "Ballerina Cow" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. Plant Life" 1x09 September 9, 1997
"Chicken's First Kiss" / "Squirt the Daisies" / I Am Weasel: "I.M. Abassador" 1x10 September 16, 1997
"Lawnmower Chicken" / "Cow Loves Piles" / I Am Weasel: "Law of Gravity" 1x11 September 23, 1997
"Lawnmower Chicken" / "Cow Loves Piles" / I Am Weasel: "Law of Gravity" 1x12 September 23, 1997
"Space Cow" / "The Legend of Sailcat" / I Am Weasel: "Happy Baboon Holidays" 1x13 September 30, 1997
"Fluffy the Anaconda" / "The Laughing Puddle" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. Mommy" 2x01 May 16, 1998
"Pirate Lessons" / "Halloween with Dead Ghost, Coast to Coast" / I Am Weasel: "I Am Deity" 2x02 May 23, 1998
"Tongue Sandwich" / "Dream Date Chicken" / I Am Weasel: "I Am Crybaby" 2x03 May 30, 1998
"Sumo Cow" / "Comet!" / I Am Weasel: "I.R.'s Phantom Foot" 2x04 June 6, 1998
"Dirty Laundry" / "Grizzly Beaver Safari" / I Am Weasel: "Queen of Denile" 2x05 June 13, 1998
"Boneless Kite" / "Which Came First?" / I Am Weasel: "I Are Music Man" 2x06 June 20, 1998
"Boneless Kite" / "Cow and Chicken Reclining" / I Am Weasel: "I Am My Lifetime" 2x07 June 27, 1998
"Free Inside!" / "Journey to the Center of Cow" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. Pixie Fairie" 2x08 July 4, 1998
"The Karate Chick" / "Yard Sale" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. Ice Fisher" 2x09 July 11, 1998
"Meet Lance Sackless" / "Who's Afraid of the Dark?" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. Role Model" 2x10 July 18, 1998
"The Bad News Plastic Surgeons" / "The Exchange Student" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. in Wrong Cartoon" 2x11 July 25, 1998
"Child Star" / "Perpetual Energy" / I Am Weasel: "My Friend, the Smart Banana" 2x12 August 1, 1998
"Bad Chicken" / "Stay Awake" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. Wild Baboon" 2x13 August 8, 1998
"Can Cow Come Out and Play?" / "Horn Envy" / I Am Weasel: "Time Weasel" 3x01 August 15, 1998
"Can Cow Come Out and Play?" / "The Babysitter" / I Am Weasel: "The Hole" 3x02 August 22, 1998
"Cow Fly" / "Where Am I?" / I Am Weasel: "I Stand Corrected" 3x02 August 29, 1998
"Sergeant Weenie Arms" / "Sow and Chicken" / I Am Weasel: "I Am Bush Pilot" 3x03 September 5, 1998
"Me an' My Dog" / "Cow's Dream Catcher" / I Am Weasel: "Dessert Island" 3x04 September 12, 1998
"Grandma at the Mall" / "Chicken in the Bathroom" / I Am Weasel: "Unsinkable I.R." 3x05 September 19, 1998
"Chickens Don't Fly" / "P.E." / I Am Weasel: "I Am Vampire" 3x06 September 26, 1998
"Plaing' Hookie" / "Chicken Lips" / I Am Weasel: "Honey, I Are Home" 3x07 October 3, 1998
"The Day I Was Born" / "Factory Follies" / I Am Weasel: "Driver's Sped" 3x08 October 10, 1998
"101 Uses for Cow and Chicken" / "Intelligent Life" / I Am Weasel: "A Tree Story" 3x09 October 17, 1998
"Be Careful What You Wish For" / "Lost at Sea" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. Do" 3x10 October 24, 1998
"Night of the Ed!" / "Cow's Pie" / I Am Weasel: "I Are Good Dog" 3x11 October 31, 1998
"Invisble Cow" / "Monster in the Closet" / I Am Weasel: "I Am Hairstylist" 3x12 November 7, 1998
"Chachi, the Chewing Gum Seal" / "Black Sheep of the Family" / I Am Weasel: "Enemy Camp" 4x01 April 26, 1999
"The Big Move" / "Cow's Magic Blanket" / I Am Weasel: "I Are Ghost" 4x02 April 27, 1999
"Cow's Toys" / "I Scream, Man" / I Am Weasel: "I Am Gladiator" 4x03 April 28, 1999
"Cloud Nine" / "Send in the Clowns" / I Am Weasel: "Revolutionary Weasel" 4x04 April 29, 1999
"Major Wedgie" / "The Loneliest Cow" / I Am Weasel: "Dream Weasel" 4x05 April 30, 1999
"Professor Longhorn Steer" / "A Couple of Skating Fools" / I Am Weasel: "He Said, He Said" 4x06 May 3, 1999
"The Full Mounty" / "Mall Cop" / I Am Weasel: "I Am Cliched" 4x07 May 4, 1999
"Snail Boy" / "The Penalty Wheel" / I Am Weasel: "The Magnificent Motorbikini" 4x08 May 5, 1999
"Chicken's Fairy Tale" / "Magic Chicken" / I Am Weasel: "I Am Whale Captain" 4x09 May 6, 1999
"Cow's Horse" / "Red Butler" / I Am Weasel: "The Baboon's Paw" 4x10 June 11, 1999
"Cow's a Beauty" / "Piano Lessons" / I Am Weasel: "The Sackless Games" 4x11 June 18, 1999
"Duck, Duck, Chicken!" / "The Great Pantzini" / I Am Weasel: "Who Rubbed Out Cow and Chicken" 4x12 June 25, 1999
"The Cow and Chicken Blues" / "The Ballard of Cow and Chicken" / I Am Weasel: "I.R. Good Salesman" 4x13 July 24, 1999


In popular culture

  • In "Once Upon a Toon", a segment of the MAD episode "Taking Nemo/Once Upon a Toon," Cow and Chicken have lost their memories and think they're actually animals. They join Henry Swan in restoring all the classic cartoons' memories.
  • In the Ben 10 Omniverse episode "Store 23," alien versions of Cow and Chicken can be seen waiting in line at Mr. Smoothy's. They leave after no one is at the register. Charlie Alder reprises both characters.
  • In the OK KO Let's be Heroes Crossover "Crossover Nexus," Chicken is one of Cartoon Network characters turned into stone and Cow (as Super Cow) is one of the characters Ben 10 transforms into.
  • In the 2022 Disney+ film Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, a bootleg version of Cow is saved.