Challenge of the GoBots

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Challenge of the GoBots
COTGB title card.png
On-screen title card.
Network: Syndication
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Original release: October 29, 1984December 13, 1985
Run time: 22 minutes
Starring: Lou Richards
Arthur Burghardt
Frank Welker
Bernard Erhard
Bob Holt
Marilyn Lightstone
Sparky Marcus
Leslie Speights
Morgan Paull
Brock Peters
Peter Cullen
Rene Auberjonois
Executive producer(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Patrick S. Feely
Joe Taritero
Producer(s): Kay Wright
Mitch Schauer
Lois Hanrahan
Ray McDonald
Iwao Takamoto
Lew Saw
Music composed by: Hoyt Curtin
Writer(s): Alan Burnett
Tom Ruegger
Jeff Segal
Jeff Segal
Kelly Ward
Director(s): Oscar Dufau
Carl Urbano
Art Davis
Volus Jones
Don Lusk
Rudy Zamora
Alan Zaslove
Ray Patterson (supervising)
Gordon Hunt (voices)
Second title card
GB MS title card.png
Mini-series' title card.

Challenge of the GoBots is an American animated sci-fi action-adventure TV series produced Hanna-Barbera for syndication on stations that took part in The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera programming block (although the preceding miniseries aired in syndication outside of the block). It ran from 1984 to 1985, airing 65 episodes. The TV series is an adaptation of Tonka's toyline, which was intended as direct competition to Marvel/Sunbow's adaption of Hasbro's The Transformers (whose toyline technically came before the toyline of GoBots), even to the point where Hanna-Barbera combated Marvel/Sunbow's The Transformers: The Movie in 1986, with its own theatrical movie, GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords.

Two warring sentient robotic factions, the peaceful Guardians and the evil Renegrades, take their fight from their homeworld of GoBotron to Earth, where both sides find human allies.




The music was composed by Hoyt Curtin, which for the miniseries, he was credited for conducting and composing, whereas for the series proper, he was credited with arranging and composing. In the case of Paul DeKorte he was credited as music director then music supervisor.


Title Number Original air date
"Battle for GoBotron" 0x01 October 29, 1984
"Target Earth" 0x02 October 30, 1984
"Conquest of Earth" 0x03 October 31, 1984
"Earthbound" 0x04 November 1, 1984
"The Final Conflict" 0x05 November 2, 1984
"Time Wars" 1x01 September 23, 1985
"It's the Thought That Counts" 1x02 September 24, 1985
"Trident's Triple Threat" 1x03 September 25, 1985
"Renegade Alliance" 1x04 September 26, 1985
"Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap" 1x05 September 27, 1985
"Speed Is of the Essence" 1x06 September 30, 1985
"Genius and Son" 1x07 October 1, 1985
"Dawn World" 1x08 October 2, 1985
"Nova Beam" 1x09 October 3, 1985
"Forced Alliance" 1x10 October 4, 1985
"Invasion from the 21st Level Part I" 1x11 October 7, 1985
"Invasion from the 21st Level Part II" 1x12 October 8, 1985
"Lost on GoBotron" 1x13 October 9, 1985
"Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray" 1x13 October 10, 1985
"Doppelganger" 1x14 October 11, 1985
"The Quest for Roguestar" 1x15 October 14, 1985
"Rogue Renegade Part I" 1x16 October 15, 1985
"Rogue Renegade Part II" 1x17 October 16, 1985
"Ultra Zod" 1x18 October 17, 1985
"Sentinel" 1x19 October 18, 1985
"Cold Spell" 1x20 October 21, 1985
"Crime Wave" 1x21 October 22, 1985
"Auto Madic" 1x22 October 23, 1985
"Scooter Enhanced" 1x23 October 24, 1985
"Tarnished Image" 1x24 October 25, 1985
"In Search of the Ancient GoBonauts" 1x25 October 28, 1985
"Gameworld" 1x26 October 29, 1985
"Wolf in the Fold" 1x27 October 30, 1985
"Depth Charge" 1x28 October 31, 1985
"Transfer Point" 1x29 November 1, 1985
"Steamer's Defection" 2x01 November 4, 1985
"The GoBot Who Cried Renegade" 2x02 November 5, 1985
"The Seer" 2x03 November 6, 1985
"Whiz Kid" 2x04 November 7, 1985
"Ring of Fire" 2x05 November 8, 1985
"Cy-Kill's Escape" 2x06 November 11, 1985
"Queest for the Creator" 2x07 November 12, 1985
"The Fall of GoBotron" 2x08 November 13, 1985
"Flight to Earth" 2x09 November 14, 1985
"Return to GoBotron" 2x10 November 15, 1985
"Pacific Overtures" 2x11 November 18, 1985
"Destroy All Guardians" 2x12 November 19, 1985
"Escape from Elba" 2x13 November 20, 1985
"Fitor to the Finish" 2x14 November 21, 1985
"Clutch of Doom" 2x15 November 22, 1985
"The Third Column" 2x16 November 25, 1985
"A New Suit for Leader-1" 2x17 November 26, 1985
"Renegade Carnival" 2x18 November 27, 1985
"The Gift" 2x19 November 28, 1985
"Terror in Atlantis" 2x20 November 29, 1985
"The Last Magic Man" 2x22 December 2, 1985
"Braxis Gone Bonkers" 2x23 December 3, 1985
"Inside Job" 2x24 December 4, 1985
"Element of Danger" 2x25 December 5, 1985
"Mission: GoBotron" 2x26 December 6, 1985
"Et Tu, Cy-Kill" 2x27 December 9, 1985
"The GoBots That Time Forgot" 2x28 December 10, 1985
"The Secret of Halley's Comet" 2x29 December 11, 1985
"Guardian Academy" 2x30 December 12, 1985
"Quest for New Earth" 2x31 December 13, 1985

The series is rife with continuity errors and not even the most thoroughly researched order could avoid some of these issues.