Tom and Jerry in New York

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Tom and Jerry in New York
INY title card.png
Network HBO Max
Production company Warner Bros. Animation
Renegade Animation
Distributor WarnerMedia Direct
Original release July 1November 8, 2021
Starring Rick Zieff
Sam Kwasman
Stephen Stanton
Marieve Herington
Executive producer(s) Sam Register
Producer(s) Ashley Postelwaite
Darrell Van Citters
Kimberly S. Moreau
Angela O'Sullivan
Music composed by Dan Blessinger
Jim Covell
Itamar Ben Zimra
Writer(s) Will Finn
Director(s) Darrell Van Citters
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Tom and Jerry in New York is an American animated slapstick comedy television series produced by Warner Animation (WBA) and Renegade Animation for HBO Max. It ran in 2021, airing 13 episodes that spanned one season (that HBO Max split into two). It is the sixth Tom and Jerry series after Hanna-Barbera's The Tom & Jerry Show.

Acting as a spin-off to the live-action/animated film Tom & Jerry, Tom & Jerry continue to live at the Royal Gate Hotel, unleashing mayhem for other residents of not only the hotel but for the rest of New York.

As it happens, the Royal Gate Hotel is the only connection to the movie, and for all intent and purposes, acts more like a direct sequel (or even a sixth season) to the fifth series, The Tom and Jerry Show, which began in 2014 and ended in 2021, just a few months before Tom and Jerry in New York began.



On October 29, 2019, during WarnerMedia's demo presentation of HBO Max's home page, half of an image of the series was glimpsed as one of their Max Originals.[1] On May 28, 2020, the day after HBO Max's launch, WarnerMedia posted a video on Twitter previewing what was to come with the title of Tom and Jerry in the Big City flashing up.[2]

On June 10, 2021, WarnerMedia finally made an official announcement, confirming that it would be a continuation (or at the very least be inspired by) the aforementioned film, that Renegade Animation's Darrell Van Citters and Ashley Postelwaite were returning as producers, with Citters also directing again, and President of WBA Sam Register executive producing.[3]

A trailer was released on June 17, 2021.

HBO Max split the first (and probably only) season into two seasons.


The theme music was performed by the team of Dan Blessinger and Jim Covell, adapted from lyrics written by Scott Bradley from the original MGM theatrical shorts. Blessinger and Covell also composed the main music, and sometimes also Itamar Ben Zimra.


Title Original air date
1x01 July 1, 2021
1x02 July 1, 2021
1x03 July 1, 2021
1x04 July 1, 2021
1x05 July 1, 2021
1x06 July 1, 2021
1x07 July 1, 2021
1x08 November 8, 2021
1x09 November 8, 2021
1x10 November 8, 2021
1x11 November 8, 2021
1x12 November 8, 2021
1x13 November 8, 2021


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