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Species Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Computer
Major Glory
Douglas E. Mordecai III
Blue Falcon
Occupation Elementary student
Goals Keeping Dee Dee away from his laboratory
Invent things in his lab
To be the smartest kid in the world
Father Dad
Mother Mom
Sister(s) Dee Dee
Grandfather(s) Grandpa, from his mother's side
Uncle(s) Fergle O'Reily
Marital status Single
First appearance DL: "Changes" (1995)
Played by Christine Cavanaugh (1995-2001)
Candi Milo (2001-09)
Tara Strong (2011)
File:S1 Dexter.png
Season 1.
File:S3 Dexter.png
Seasons 3 and 4.

Dexter is a boy genius and the title character of the Dexter's Laboratory animated television series. His voice was originated by Christine Cavanaugh.

One of the youngest and most intelligent minds, Dexter hides a private laboratory within his bedroom that extends far below the house. From here, he has experimented with countless machines and inventions, yet his ambitions have either failed; or been destroyed by his sister Dee Dee, who is usually in the way of breaking into his lab. In spite of it all, he lives in an average suburban home with his mom and dad, both of whom are unaware of his secrets.

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Dee Dee! Get out of my laboratory!

Ego Trip

Dexter Sells Out

Dexter appears in a romantic Cartoon Network bumper with Velma Dinkley.

In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy episode "The Grim Adventures of the KND," he is one of the characters that explode out of the Delightful Reaper.

In the "Once Upon a Toon" segment of Mad, Dexter joins Henry Swan in restoring all of the Cartoon Network cartoons' memories. He is shocked to find out his sister Dee Dee was the mastermind behind all this.

In the Steven Universe and Uncle Grandpa crossover episode "Say Uncle," Dexter's name is on Uncle Grandpa's list.



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