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This article is about the character. For other uses, see Space Ghost.
Space Ghost
Space Ghost (character).png
Species Human
Gender Male
Member of Association of World Super Men[Note 1]
Affiliation Blip
Zorak[Note 2]
Moltar[Note 3]
Occupation Intergalactic superhero
Talk show host
Goals Keep the galaxy safe from all evil
Be the host of his talk show[Note 4]
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
First appearance SG: "The Heat Thing" (1966)
Played by Gary Owens (1966-67, 2008)
George Lowe (1994-2007, 2024)
Michael Berger (2017)
Paul F. Tompkins (2021)
C2C Space Ghost.png
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Merrill as Space Ghost.png
Andy Merrill as Space Ghost.
JS Space Ghost.png

Space Ghost is a superhero and the main title character of the Space Ghost animated franchise. He is known for being a stoic intergalactic crimefighter, and a goofy talk show host. His voice was originated by Gary Owens.

Character description

Space Ghost's costume consists of white spandex bodysuit and a wispy yellow cape. He wears a black mask, which has white pupils and is connected to his red and black emblem. He also has wrist bands that give him an assortment of energy-based powers, and a belt that grants him invisibility. He also has the ability to fly and perform feats with his super strength. His main mode of transportation is a spacecraft known as the Phantom Cruiser.

Space Ghost is seen as a model superhero who, though aloof at times, does anything to protect his loved ones. A caring and courageous individual, the hero shows comitment to serving justice, no matter what he has to do. At the end of his missions, Space Ghost would remain uncertain if his most recent foe has even survived their last encounter or not.

In Space Ghost Coast to Coast, his personality is shown to be the very opposite of what it originally was. He is characterized as childish, egotistical, rude, very petty at times, and incredibly stupid in some occasions. The series' version of Space Ghost shows pride in himself, but shows no care for Zorak and Moltar, a problem that frequiently causes friction between him and his crew due to their formal rivalry.


TV series







Debut Series

In his debut series, Space Ghost is an intergalactic crime fighter from the Ghost Planet. He fought the forces of evil with his sidekicks Jan, Jace, and their pet monkey Blip.

Space Stars in Your Eyes

Space Ghost's cameo.

Fantastic Cameo

In "The Big Sleep," he is caught up in a traffic jam while traveling in space.

Coast to Coast

In Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Space Ghost retired from his superhero career and became the host of his own talk show. He interviews with various Earth celeberties throughout the series, whom Space Ghost believes to be fellow superheroes. Although, Space Ghost genuinely wants to put on the best talk show he can, the times spent between him and his guests turn out to be very surreal due to Space Ghost's questionable methods as a host. In addition to his general incompetence, he also has little regard for the well-being of others, which in return led to constant befuddling with him and his crew.

Cartoon Planet

Powerpuff Girls Cameo

Space Ghost makes a non-speaking cameo as a member of the Association of World Super Men when they all gather at Mount Neverest.[1]

Wacky Reboot

Everyone's Back in Jellystone!

Space Ghost Sells Out

Space Ghost appears on the November 15, 1998 episode of Donny & Marie, to promote his real album Space Ghost's Surf & Turf. When asked by Donny Osmond if he had a favorite interview, Space Ghost coldly responded it wasn't him. At the end of the interview, Space Ghost sings "Something That Rhymes With Bones," with backing from Donny and Marie. The whole studio audience then got a CD underneath their chairs.

In the Teen Titans Go! episode "Sidekick," Space Ghost is a member of DCUbook (a parody of Facebook), who has posted the message, "BOO."

=Space Ghost in the Funny Books



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Toys and merchandise

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In popular culture

  • In the Weekend Update sketch in the Saturday Night Live episode "Miranda Richardson/Soul Asylum," Rob Schneider contests the FFC's ruling that cartoons aren't educational because a cartoon such as Space Ghost taught him that ghosts are real.
  • In the TV pilot Welcome to Eltingville, Space Ghost is mentioned in a trivia contest between Bill and Josh, with the former asking him who designed Space Ghost.
  • In The Fairly OddParents TV movie Channel Chasers, Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda are sent into a parody of Space Ghost called Space Spectre. The titular Space Spectre is nowhere to be seen, aside from his face being used as a logo on the Phantom Cruiser-type spaceship and Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo's uniforms. Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo are parodies of Space Ghost's sidekicks, Jace, Jan, and Blip, respectively. Timmy calls his armband a ghost gauntlet.
  • In the Family Guy episode "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz," Peter's father baptizes Stewie, and says, "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost," with Peter then adding Space Ghost.
  • In Kevin Smith's book My Boring-Ass Life, he mentions meeting the "voice" of Space Ghost at Wizard Con 2005, referring to George Lowe, instead of Gary Owens.


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