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Ding-a-Ling in "Castle Hassle".
Species: Wolf (Timber)[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Hokey Wolf
Huckleberry Hound
Iddy Biddy Buddy
Yogi's Gang
Father: Not mentioned
Mother: Not mentioned
Marital status: Single
First appearance: HW: "Tricks and Treats" (1961)
Played by: Doug Young (1961-1962)
Patric Zimmerman (1991)
Neil Ross (2004, 2007)
Unknown voice actor (2021)
File:90s Ding-a-Ling.png
Yo, Yogi!
HBAAL Ding-a-Ling.png
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
WR 2017 Ding-a-Ling.png
Wacky Races
JS Ding.png

Ding-a-Ling is an anthropomorphic wolf and the younger sidekick to Hokey Wolf in the Hokey Wolf shorts. He was voiced by Doug Young impersonating Buddy Hackett.

In the Huckleberry Hound comics from Dell, he is referred to as a fox and his full name is given as Ding-a-Ling Fox.[3]

In the Yo, Yogi! animated TV series, he appears as Mayor Hokey's publicist.

In the Jellystone! reboot, Ding's portrayed as a child and appears as a student in El Kabong's class, though so far, despite appearing several times, has yet to have any dialogue, unless of course you count the part where he was laughing with the crowd in "Catanooga Cheese Explosion."

Character description


TV series







Debut Series

Yogi's Birthday Party

Ranger Smith introduces him and Hokey as some of the guest who could make to Yogi's birthday party. After Hokey says happy birthday to Yogi, Ding-a-Ling breaks the forth wall by telling the viewers "How about that. Hokey Wolf is sure at great at labor". After this he doesn't appear for the remainder of the episode.

Crossover Era

Yogi's Ark Lark

Celebrating another 50 years! 50 years of fun!

Yo, Yogi!

Harvey Birdman Represents

In "SPF," after discovering a porn website using his name, Harvey represents him in suing Mr. Twiddle for the creation of the site.

Wacky Cameo

In the episode "The Wacky Always Races Twice," he played the role as one of the "Low Lives" that Penelope Pitstop had to avoid.

Ding Sells Out

Kellogg's Corn Flakes


Ding in the Funny Books

Flintstones visit New York World's Fair

Ding-a-Ling pairs with Huck, Iddy Biddy Buddy and Ka-Pow

Snooper and Blabber in "The Christmas Sleuths"

Augie Doggie in "Augie Doggie's Cheery Day"



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Behind the scenes

  • It isn't really specified if Ding-a-Ling is a child or an adult, but based on his child-likeness, it can be speculated that he's a child.
    • Interestedly enough, in the Jellystone! reboot, he is also shown to be portrayed as a child.
  • In some newspaper articles from 1961 or 1962, his surname is revealed to be "Wolf."

In popular culture


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