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Duhh... Where was I again?
Species Cat
Gender Male[Note 1]
Member of Yogi's Gang[Note 2]
Affiliation Top Cat
Benny the Ball
Choo Choo
Fancy Fancy
Officer Dibble
First appearance TC: "The $1,000,000 Derby" (1961)
Played by Leo De Lyon (1961-88)
Jason Harris (2013, 2015)
Georgie Kidder (2021)
80s Brain.png
Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats
TCTM Brain.png
Top Cat: The Movie
File:TCB Brain.png
Top Cat Begins
JS Brain.png

Brain is an anthropomorphic cat and a main character in the Top Cat animated television series. His voice was originated by Leo De Lyon.

A comrade of T.C.'s gang, Brain acts as a simple follower due to his not-so-intelligent and dim-witted attitude.

In the Max series Jellystone!, Brain is now a flippant girl who is voiced by Georgie Kidder.

Character description

Brain is an orange cat with a peach muzzle and fur tufts that droop under his face. He has a droopy, tired face and wears a purple shirt with a black strip at the bottom.

In Layman's terms, Brain is an idiot. Brain is a slow-witted member of Top Cat's crew who doesn't get the gist of T.C.'s orders, often misunderstanding anything that he hears about. He is also notorious for being unable to keep secrets, which tend to spoil much of the gang's antics. He also seems to be in charge of the group's money, which they rarely have, and he runs up and down the road. Despite being being apparently oblivious to many things, he is also has a cheerful side who has a whimsical way of expressing many things. Whenever Brain says something brilliant on occasion, Top Cat would instantly rephrase his sayings to make it sound like he said it.

In Jellystone!, Brain is a girl and also appears to be more intelligent, despite the original irony of the name. In contrast to her male counterpart's dull, unthinking look on his face, the female Brain has a dull, uninterested look on her face.


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Yogi's Ark Lark

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Behind the scenes

  • Brain's name in the Spanish dub is Demostenes, named after the Greek philosopher Demosthenes.
    • For Jellystone!, Brain is renamed Demostenas and speaks in a stutter.

In popular culture

  • The scene from "Naked Town," in which Top Cat, his gang, and Dibble are sitting on the curb outside the Ajax warehouse is being watched by Mike in the 1984 film Sixteen Candles.
  • In "Episode Two" (series two) of the Dead Ringers radio sketch program, Nick Russ presents Cartoon Crimewatch that reports on Top Cat victimizing the passerby that walked through Hoagy's Alley. Top Cat was using the stupid Brain (mistakenly called "Brains") to swindle money for a fake charity for stupid cats. He gets an old lady's watch, which he gives to Benny to fence, but he takes it literally. Officer Dibble comes onto the scene, but is distracted by a phone call from the sergeant who wants him back at the station, which disappoints Dibble because he would rather stay on TV, breaking the fourth wall. Interestingly, this gag followed a crime report of Yogi Bear.


  1. ^ Female in Jellystone!
  2. ^ In Yogi's Gang.