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This article is about the character. For other uses, see Wally Gator.
Wally Gator
Wally Gator (character).png
This ain't no average alligator, y'know!
Species Alligator
Gender Male
Member of Yogi's Gang[Note 1]
Yogi Yahooeys[Note 2]
Affiliation Mr. Twiddle
Magilla Gorilla[Note 3]
Goals To escape from the zoo
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
Marital status Single
First appearance WG: "Droopy Dragon" (1962)
Played by Daws Butler (1962-87)
John Mariano (1990-91)
C. Martin Croker (2000)
Maurice LaMarche (2005)
Jeff Bergman (2021-present)
90s Wally.png
Fender Bender 500
DC Wally.png
Deathstroke/Yogi Bear Special
JS Wally.png

Wally Gator is an anthropomorphic alligator and the main title character of the Wally Gator animated television shorts. His voice was originated by Daws Butler.

Character description

Wally is an alligator with green skin. Although part of a predatory species, he isn't shown to have any visible teeth, but is sometimes seen cracking a smile of flat pearly whites. In Jellystone!, he instead has a set of sharp fangs. Wally's attire consists of a collar, shirt cuffs, and a purple pork pie hat.

Wally is a cheerful and curious fellow who resides in a cage inside of Mr. Twiddle's zoo. Despite his friendly behavior, he tends to get bored of living in his habitat quick, and resorts to escaping the zoo as a means of wanting to go outside. His curiosity gets the best of Wally, however, as he occasionally bumps into humans who are either afraid of the alligator letting loose or want to turn his skin into luggage. He rarely gets the upper hand in any situation. But even when he succeeds, his luck turns on him to the point that he sometimes wants to go back to his zoo cage. His catchphrase is "Oh, Fuddle De Doo!", which he usually says when he is either surprised or in a tough situation.

Wally is less intelligent in the Jellystone! reboot.


TV series






Video games


Zoo Life

Crossover Era

Yogi's Ark Lark

It's Yogi's Gang


Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper

Yogi's Great Escape

Yogi's Treasure Hunt

Powerpuff Girls Cameo

Wally appears as a giant tall monster in "Knock It Off."

Starring Brak and Co-Starring Wally

He was the unlikely announcer of Brak's two variety shows.

Harvey Birdman Represents

Accidents Will Happen!

Wally is portrayed as the town ditz who keeps getting into accidents, leading to many surgeries at Jellystone Hospital, that unfortunately get interrupted by either Yogi's incompetence or the entire staff getting distracted by some disaster. He once asked a stop sign if it was his father. He lives in a rundown shack that appears to be haunted, driving most people away from him.

Wally in the Funny Books

Marvels' Laff-A-Lympics

Flintstones visit New York World's Fair

Cartoon Network Presents


In Deathstroke/Yogi Bear Special #1, he was killed by Deathstroke.

Wally Sells Out

Stuffed Wally.png

In the Duck Dodgers episode "K9 Quarry," stuffed trophies of Yogi, Wally, Boo Boo, Hong Kong Phooey, and Top Cat, appear on an alien hunter's ship.



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Toys and merchandise

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Behind the scenes

In popular culture

  • In the Robot Chicken "Laff-A-Munich" segment of the episode "Ban on the Fun," he is seen among the other Yogi Yahooeys teammates who are taken hostage by the Really Rottens, at some point during the massacre, he was murdered himself.
  • At the end of The Fairly OddParents episode "Mice-Capades," Timmy has moved on from Sleazy and Cheezy! and onto Punchie and Munchie, with Munchie resembling Wally, but Wanda turns it off before Poof sees any more cartoon violence. Poof, however, does the same thing he did to Vicky and Timmy turning them into Sleazy and Cheezy, by simply transforming Wanda and Cosmo into Punchie and Munchie, respectively.