Boo Boo Bear

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Boo Boo Bear
Boo Boo Bear.png
The Ranger isn't gonna like this, Yogi...
Species Bear (bruin)
Gender Male
Member of Yogi's Gang[Note 1]
Yogi Yahooeys[Note 2]
Yogi's Treasure Hunters[Note 3]
L.A.F. Squad[Note 4]
Affiliation Yogi Bear
Ranger Smith
Cindy Bear
Goals Keeping Yogi away from getting into trouble
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
Marital status Single[Note 5][1][Note 6][2]
First appearance YB: "Yogi Bear's Big Break" (1958)
Played by Don Messick (1958-94)
Tom Kenny (1997-2003)
John K. (1999)
Justin Timberlake (2010)
C.H. Greenblatt (2021-present)
YY Boo Boo.png
Yo, Yogi!
Live-action Boo Boo.png
Yogi Bear
WR 2017 Boo Boo Bear.png
Wacky Races
DC Boo Boo.png
Deathstroke/Yogi Bear Special
JS Boo Boo.png

Boo Boo Bear is a talking anthropomorphic bear and the sidekick of Yogi Bear in the Yogi Bear animated franchise. His voice was originated by Don Messick.

Character description

Boo Boo is a bear with light brown fur and a blue bow tie. He is short in height and has droopy eyelids that cover part of his eyes. Although he has a youthful appearance, it is not readily apparent whether Boo Boo is a juvenile bear with a vast intellect, or simply an adult who is short of stature.

Boo Boo acts as a constant companion to Yogi Bear, as well as his voice of reason. He resides in a cave on Jellystone National Park, and follows Yogi in his various exploits and schemes. He acts as his conscience who constantly tries to keep him (albeit, unsuccessfully) from doing things he should not do, and also to keep Yogi from getting into trouble with Ranger Smith. One of his trademark phrases is "The Ranger isn't gonna like this, Yogi." Boo Boo is incredibly friendly and is a straight man to Yogi's more eccentric ego. He is also admired by Ranger Smith, since he sees Boo Boo as a bear who respects the park rules more than Yogi.

In the Jellystone! reboot, his personality appears to be more hyperactive, but is still level-headed and loyal to his more off-the-wall friends.


TV series






Video games


Debut Series

The Early Cameos

Snagglepuss Cameo

Flintstones Cameo

Crossover Era

It's Yogi's Gang

Yogi's Ark Lark


In the Laff-A-Lympics television series, he is a member of the Yogi Yahooeys, while not being a primary character in the show itself, he does compete in a few competitions.

Yogi's First Christmas

Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper

Casper's First Christmas

Yogi's Treasure Hunt

Yogi's Great Escape

The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound

Celebrating another 50 years! 50 years of fun!

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo cameo

Fender Bender 500

Yo, Yogi!

I'm Chubby, I'm Cheesie

Chubby Cheese's band.

At the Chubby Cheese restaurant, he's a part of Chubby Cheese's animatronic band. He plays the kazoo-like instrument.[3]

I Am Cameo

Having become old and retired, Boo Boo now lives at the Old Cartoon Sidekicks Retirement Home.[4]

Harvey Birdman Represents

Everyone's Back in Jellystone!

In Jellystone!, Boo Boo works as a nurse alongside Doctors Yogi and Cindy Bear at Jellystone Hospital.

Boo Boo Gets the CGI Treatment

Boo Boo Sells Out

In The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode "Here There Be Dwarfs," he is portrayed as a drug addict trying to steal a picnic basket from Billy. In "Irwin Gets a Clue," he's one of the Hanna Barbera characters run over by Hoss Delgado's truck.

In the Duck Dodgers episode "K9 Quarry," stuffed trophies of Yogi, Wally Gator, Boo Boo, Hong Kong Phooey, and Top Cat, appear on an alien hunter's ship.

Boo Boo has a non-speaking cameo in the song "Suffragette City," in the Animaniacs episode of the same name.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes

HB cameos in new Animaniacs.png

Into the Serververse

In the Warner Bros. Serververse in Space Jam: A New Legacy, Yogi and Boo Boo arrive at the basketball game between the Tune Squad and the Goon Squad in the Mystery Machine. Like all the other IPs, they have no particular preference and just react to whatever is happening.

Boo Boo in the Funny Books

Flintstones visit New York World's Fair

Scooby-Doo Teams Up with Yogi


Behind the scenes

  • Boo Boo has remained at Yogi's side through almost all of the cartoons in which Yogi appeared, the only exceptions being Yogi's Space Race and Galaxy Goof-Ups, in which Boo Boo's place was taken by another character, Scare Bear.
  • Sometimes, Yogi will refer to Boo Boo as "Boob."


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Toys and merchandise

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In popular culture

  • In an episode of the British sitcom Mind Your Language, called "No Flowers by Request," Mr. Brown mentioned (John) Logie Baird, the Scottish inventor of the television, but Ali thought he meant Yogi, who he watched the previous night, along with Yogi's friend Boo Boo.
  • In the film Slumber Party Massacre, Diane's nickname for her boyfriend John is "Boo Boo."
  • In The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode "72 Hours," when Will warns Carton against going to MacArthur Park, but Carlton assures him that he'll inform the park rangers if something happens, to which Will replies, "It's not that kind of park, Boo Boo!"
  • In the Animaniacs segment "Back in Style," the Warner Siblings were loaned off to other cartoon studios, including one run by Phil and Shmoe (parodies of Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera). One of the cartoon characters that the Warners met is a spoof of Yogi Bear, named Who Who Hooey, where they mocked his cartoon's superficial dialogue and flat backgrounds. The Warner siblings interfere in the lunchbox stealing escapades of Calhourn Capybara and his impressionable young sidekick, Lew Lew, parodies of Yogi and Boo Boo.
  • In Chris Rice's song "Cartoons," Rice questions if Yogi is religious and would say "Hey, Boo-Boo-loo-ya" in place of "Hallelujah."
  • In the Moesha episode "All This and Turkey, Too," Moesha called Q Boo Boo Bear while speaking to him on the phone.
  • In the Family Guy episode "Hell Comes to Quahog," Meg berates Peter for getting her tank confiscated, but he tells her it's not as worse as the time he did a park ranger (likely Ranger Smith) a favor by fatally stabbing Yogi with a hunter's knife and then suffocating him to get the job done faster, while Boo Boo watches helplessly. After Peter is done, he callously orders Boo Boo to tell the other bears what he just saw.
  • In the Robot Chicken skit "Laff-A-Munich" segment of the episode "Ban on the Fun", he is awoken to witness Yogi's struggle to prevent the Really Rottens from getting in, but the Dread Baron manages to shoot Boo Boo to the point of his head exploding. In this skit, Victor Yerrid provided his voice.
  • Pop star Justin Timberlake used to do voice impressions as a kid to get better at singing, one of them was Boo Boo. He would go on to voice the bear in the live action Yogi Bear movie.
  • In the Mad episode "Life of Rhyme/Here Comes Yogi Boo Boo," there is a segment named "Here Comes Yogi Boo Boo," a parody of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo where Boo Boo plays the role of, well, Honey Boo Boo.
  • In the Nickelodeon series The Loud House and The Loud House Movie, Lori's pet name for her boyfriend, Bobby, is "Booby Boo Boo Bear," or just "Boo Boo Bear." It is also used in the live-action adaptations beginning with the TV movie A Loud House Christmas, and its full-length TV series spin-off, The Really Loud House.
  • In the Bargain Hunt episode "Christmas Special - Malvern 27," fiberglass rubbish bin lids shaped like Boo Boo, Huckleberry, and Yogi were found at a car boot sale by the red team who bought the Yogi one for £110, which they sold at auction for £80. The loss of this particular item resulted in them losing to the blue team.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US)

  • November 21, 2001: A game of "Press Conference" had Colin Mochrie as Yogi announcing he killed Boo Boo. The host, Drew Carrey, points out that the audience may not like Boo Boo, as they cheered at the fact he was killed.
  • January 31, 2002: A game of "Questionable Impersonations" had Brad Sherwood asking Boo Boo when Mr. Ed's wife was due, with Ryan Stiles as Mr. Ed believing that Yogi was the doctor.



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