A Jetson Christmas Carol

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A Jetson Christmas Carol
Premiere date December 13, 1985
Run time 22:01
Starring George O'Hanlon
Penny Singleton
Daws Butler
Janet Waldo
Don Messick
Jean Vander Pyl
Frank Welker
Mel Blanc
Allan Melvin
Music composed by Hoyt Curtin
Writer(s) Marc Paykus
Barbara Levy
Voice director(s) Gordon Hunt
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'"A Jetson Christmas Carol" is the forty-first and final episode of The Jetsons season two, and the sixty-third overall. It aired on December 13, 1985 in syndicated markets that featured The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera programming blocks. It was written by Marc Paykuss and Barbara Levy, and voice directed by Gordon Hunt.

As a result of showing his dislike of all things Christmas, three ghostly robotic apparitions visit the greedy Spacely to show him the error of his ways, from his past mistakes to what his current mistakes are and how it will affect his future.

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Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Judy Jetson Janet Waldo
Elroy Jetson Daws Butler
Jane Jetson Penny Singleton
George Jetson George O'Hanlon
Astro Don Messick
Uniblab N/A
R.U.D.I. Don Messick
Mr. Spacely Mel Blanc
Frank Welker (kid and teen Spacely)
Rosie Jean Vander Pyl
Orbitty Frank Welker
Marsley Allan Melvin
Ghost of Christmas Past Don Messick
Fred Flintstone N/A
Wilma Flintstone N/A
Mrs. Spacely Unavailable
Ghost of Christmas Present Allan Melvin
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be N/A
Vet Unavailable





  • Flying cars





The music was composed and conducted by Hoyt Curtin.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: December 13, 1985 in syndication

Behind the scenes

  • As the episode title suggests Spacely's story is a parody of Charles Dickens's novel A Christmas Carol.
  • In this episode, technology is so advanced and the kids have become so lazy, that they are being fed and wiped without using their own hands.
  • Mooningdale's is a parody of Bloomingdale's.
  • Young George is drawn the same way he looked when the Rejuvenex de-aged him in "Boy George."
  • Fred and Wilma, from The Flintstones, cameo as fictional characters at the drive-in movie theater, even though two years later they met the Jetsons in the crossover movie, The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones.


  • Spacely is clearly at least a decade older than George, yet in the flashback, they are about the same age.
  • The only excusable reasoning for spirit robots is that it's a dream.
  • Mrs. Spacely has gone back and forth between being called Stella and Petunia, but in this episode, she's out of the blue called Starla.
  • Even as a flashback, Mrs. Spacely looks awfully differently, from somewhat changed facial features, to brown hair and a tan.

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