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On-screen title card.

Family Guy is an American adult animated sitcom produced by Seth MacFarlane's Fuzzy Door Productions and 20th Television (formerly 20th Century Fox Television) for the Fox Broadcasting Company. It has been on the air since January 31, 1999, with almost 400 episodes across 20 seasons, along with a direct-to-video movie and three Star Wars-themed specials. It was created by MacFarlane, a former staff writer for Hanna-Barbera. While there, he developed a short Larry & Steve, which was a remake of his own independent film, The Life of Larry, which became the basis for Family Guy. The idea of an animated sitcom proving to be successful in primetime began with the likes of Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones and Fox's previous series The Simpsons.

Family Guy is about the exploits of the Rhode Island-bound Griffin family led by blue-collar worker Peter (voiced by MacFarlane), his loving wife Lois, not too bright son, Chris (voiced by Seth Green), his popularity-seeking daughter, Meg (initially voiced by Lacey Chabert), his infant son bent on world-domination (voiced by MacFarlane), and his martini-drinking pet dog, Brian (voiced by MacFarlane).

If Hanna-Barbera and Turner had commissioned Adult Swim when they first hired MacFarlane, Family Guy would probably be a Warner Bros. Discovery property now, instead of a Walt Disney Company property, which bought out 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox Broadcasting Company, in 2019.

Family Guy has poked fun at the characters and concepts of Hanna-Barbera since the beginning, usually acted out in the form of a cutaway gag Family Guy has become famous for.

Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy

  • "Brothers & Sisters: Lois tries to talk her sister, Carol, out of marrying Mayor Adam West, since it didn't work out with her third husband, Doggie Daddy, due to a son from a previous marriage. He then casually pops up to inform Carol he's available now because Augie's "all grown up now [and] out of the house". McFarlane voices Doggie Daddy.

Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels

  • "The Perfect Castaway:" After being shipwrecked on a deserted island with his friends, Peter becomes Tom Hanks in the film Castaway, growing a long beard and trying to catch fish. Peter takes out a pocket watch as Hanks does, but instead of his wife (or girlfriend in Hanks's character case), Peter carries a photo of Captain Caveman.


Main article: Droopy (theatrical shorts)
  • "Oceans Three and a Half:" Stewie says that he and Susie will get along better than Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes in the political talk show Hannity and Colmes. A brief cutaway gag plays off Hannity demeaning Colmes on the show but Colmes is replaced by Droopy.
  • "Brian Writes a Bestseller:" Stewie mentions being a skin holder for Melanie Griffin. He struggles to hold on until he can't any longer, then Melanie's face sags down like Droopy and she speaks like him, lamenting, "I should have stayed in bed."
  • "Peter Problems:" When Lois asks Dr. Hartman to prescribe Peter enhancement pills for his erectile dysfunction, he thought they were antidepressants, which a cutaway gag reveals he had been prescribing to Droopy, who has since felt things are getting increasingly harder for him.
  • "Saturated Fat Guy:" When Lois forces the family to eat healthy, Peter tells her that looking better doesn't solve anything and uses Droopy as an example. The scene cuts to Droopy, who after getting a facelift has been left with a permanent smile, and is about to shoot himself in the face with a gun. Droopy tells the audience to study his brain so that no one else suffers as he did.


Main article: Flintstones (franchise)
  • "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks:" While walking in New York set to Flintstones-esque music, Peter tries to lift Meg's spirits by telling her she'll find her hidden talent, when they suddenly walk onto Bedrock.
  • "Dammit Janet!:" When Peter and Lois don't return to America after the plane they were on was hijacked in Cuba, it is reported on the news, with the artist's rending capturing a fat man inexplicably married to an attractive redhead, which is in the form of Fred and Wilma.
  • "Wasted Talent:" When the final scroll to entering the Pawtucket Brewery was found, Peter disappointedly asked aloud what he was going to do now, when the Great Gazoo popped up asking the "dum dum" what he could do for Peter, but all Peter wanted was to be left alone. Annoyed at Peter's treatment of him, Gazoo whined that it wasn't always about him, the "fatso."
  • "Ready, Willing, and Disabled:" A cavegirl carhop tips Joe's wheelchair over with a plate of ribs in the same manner as what happens to Fred's car in the "(Meet) The Flintstones" theme song.
  • "From Method to Madness:" Former child star Bamm-Bamm has grown up to become a taxi driver. When a bouncer tells Bamm-Bamm to take home another former child star Elroy Jetson, all Bamm-Bamm can still say is his own name. Bamm-Bamm and Elroy later attended one of Stewie's terrible one-man shows. Bamm-Bamm and Elroy are both voiced by MacFarlane.
  • "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire:" Peter tells Cleveland that he walked in on the latter's wife having sex with another man, and when playing it out he uses the word "bam" several times as an onomatopoeia. Peter then asks Bamm-Bamm to continue for him in referencing his catchphrase, then Bamm-Bamm asks Emeril Lagasse to takeover as he uses a similar catchphrase. Bamm-Bamm is voiced by MacFarlane.
  • "Peter's Got Woods:" When Brian is busy on another date with his new girlfriend, Peter tries to replace him with Barney. We then see Peter at the Rubbles', where he is waiting for Barney to finish in the toilet, so they can go play darts. Barney is using a pelican as a toilet, who makes a joke about his predicament. A sheep later made the same kind of joke after hearing Meg was on her period. MacFarlane voices Barney.
  • "Patriot Games:" Brian takes the same $50 bet on a celebrity boxing match between Mike Tyson and Carol Channing as Betting Freddie does, who stutters the word "bet" like the addicted gambler he was in "The Gambler." He then gets serious and claims there's nothing funny about addiction and tells the audience to vote "No" on Indian gaming bars. Fred is voiced by Jeff Bergman.
  • "Chick Cancer:" Olivia mentions that she starred with Victor in a Flintstones vitamin commercial.
  • "Road to Rupert:" In a reenactment of "(Meet) The Flintstones," Meg drives Peter to the Quahog Drive-In, where he sticks his head through the car roof like Dino and then has Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm placed on top of his head.
  • "Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air:" Fred and Barney attend the inaugural ball of the Quahog Men's Club, where Fred reveals to Barney that he accidentally caught sight of Betty undressing, who saw Fred, but continued anyway, giving way to Fred's e-rock-tion. Bergman voices both Fred and Barney.
  • "Peter's Daughter:" Fred takes Wilma to Mr. Stoneberg to get a legal separation for not letting him back in after Baby Puss removes him from their house and locks him outside. He had been knocking for 20 minutes and shouting "Wilma!" but she claims to not have heard because she was taking a shower, but he believes that she was simply ignoring him and goes on further about her spending all his money on expensive clothes and hairdos, and not being available for sex, the "passive aggressive bitch" she is. Bergman and Alex Bornstein voice Fred and Wilma, respectively.
  • "Stew-Roids:" Gina says that Chris smells like Fred's ass. The scene then cuts to Fred, who says that no one's telling her to smell it. Fred is voiced by Bergman.
  • "Road to the Multiverse:" Stewie and Brian travel to an alternate universe of Quahog, which resembles Bedrock and has a laugh track. Peter and Lois are now called Rock Peter and Rock Lois and are dressed and have the same hair styles as Fred and Wilma. The word "rock" is placed before and in place of other words as well, so they had rock sex which included Rock Peter rocking Rock Lois up the rock last rock night (which also included a "rockphylactic" in the form of a frog, "Ribbeted for your pleasure.") As you can imagine, Stewie and Brian wanted to get the "rock out of there."
  • "Quagmire's Baby:" Quagmire is selling a tape of The Best of the World's Wildest Police Chases, which features the police in a high speed pursuit of Fred in the Flintmobile, also carrying Dino, Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm. Dino pops his head through the roof, and Fred places the babies on top of Dino's head. Fred manages to avoid them until he enters a drive-in movie theater and smashes into a snack bar. Fred tries to escape over a fence, but is caught and clobbered by the police. The narrator finishes his commentary by saying "Yabba-Dabba-Don't."
  • "Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream:" The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas is Peter's favourite period film.
  • "Burning Down the Bayit:" Stewie brags to Brian about how he attended a baby rave the night before, where he dropped a "purple Betty" Flintstones chewable vitamin, which he claims sent him "flying."
  • "The Simpsons Guy:" Fred acts as a judge when Peter and Homer Simpson go to court over the Pawtucket Patriot Ale being a copyright infringement over Duff Beer. He claims that both brands are imitations of Budrock, but is in favor of Duff Beer. Fred is voiced by none other than Bergman.
  • "The 2000-Year-Old Virgin:" Meg takes a job as a tag remover using her teeth. After she does it, she responds with, "It's a living", with accompanying "wah-wah-wah" music.
  • "Peter, Chris, & Brian:" Peter puts "Wilma Flintstone pearl necklaces" on him and Chris as a key to success.
  • "Emmy-Winning Episode:" Peter hears Flintstones running in Dr. Hartman's office.
  • "Griffin Winter Games:" Peter rifles through his winter coat he hasn't in a year to find the things he never threw away, including a Flintstone vitamin he didn't take because he didn't like Barney.
  • "Pawtucket Pat:" When Brian announces that he's got a new job as an online journalist for The Hog, Peter reacts negatively because it's one of those of those sites with the online quizzes asking you what fictional TV character you are, which according to Lois, he always gets mad by it because he gets Barney Rubble. Peter rhetorically asks if he gets mad then why does he laughs the way he does, taking off his glasses, revealing his eyes to be two dots, and laughing exactly like Barney, disproving his point.
  • "Cootie & the Blowhard:" Stewie believes he has cooties, which he controls by taking huge quantities of a "Flintstones cocktail," which is dozens of different colored Flintstones Vitamins, which include seventeen Barneys, 18 Wilmas, and some Bamm-Bamms just to keep things moving.
  • "HBO-No:" Daenerys/Donna, mother of dragons, enters King's Landing on Dino.
  • "First Blood:" Stewie believes he got a period after mistaking blood on his person as having a period, and then when it stops he believes he is pregnant, which he pretends to get rid of with a "morning after pill," which consists of Flintstones vitamins Ovaltine, caster oil, and a splash of Dr. Pepper.
  • "Happy Holo-ween:" As the hologram Peter is defeated, he quickly reverts to Peter from 1999, Larry from Larry & Steve, Homer Simpson, and Fred Flintstone. He even yells "WILMA!" before he explodes into ash.
  • "Fertilized Megg:" Peter insists that he cannot bowl like Fred Flintstone, and has Bruce imitate classic sound effects with a xylophone. When he hits a strike, he yells "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!", but has it altered to make it a "legally acceptable sound-alike". Peter later uses the same yell in a cutaway gag in which he's electrocuted in prison.


  • "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter:" Lois interviews Gloop for a babysitting job, but she can't understand him. Gloop seems to be offended and talks more gibberish when Lois asks him to leave, which he does but not before getting Tundro to fire rocks at her. It should be noted that when Lois asks for a reference from his previous "employers", she refers to them as the Herculoids, when the Herculoids are in fact the creatures that are friends with the family, which included both Gloop and Tundro.

Hong Kong Phooey

  • "I Never Met the Dead Man:" Peter can't resist the urge to jump into a children's ball pit at Cheesie Charlie's, shouting out "Hong Kong Phooey!" as he does.


Main article: Jabberjaw (TV series)
  • "Lawyer Guy:" The Griffins hear their doorbell ring at the beginning of the episode, and Peter assumes the person visiting them is Jabberjaw, since it's apparently his dream to meet him. Later that day, Peter finds out that all his friends ran into Jabberjaw at the fair.


  • "Brian in Love:" We get to see what happens after the closing titles, when George eventually finds his way back inside the house after being left screaming for Jane on the treadmill, with bruises and a torn shirt. He excuses Elroy to leave, so he can chastise Jane for not hearing his cries for help. Jane can only apologize, although she is not forgiven. MacFarlane voices George and Elroy, while D.D. Howard voices Jane.
  • "From Method to Madness:" Peter thinks it's fine for Stewie to go into acting at such a young age because he thinks Elroy turned out okay. But Elroy has grown up to become a poor drunk. He gets taken out of a bar by its bouncer and put into a taxi driven by another former child star Bamm-Bamm. The bouncer tells Bamm-Bamm to take Elroy home, but he wants to go to Astro's grave, instead. Elroy and Bamm-Bamm later attended one of Stewie's terrible one-man shows.
  • "Meet the Quagmires:" Peter and Brian's tampering with the timeline has caused them to get flying cars, which Brian attributes to Al Gore being in office. The scene then shifts to an authentic take in the opening theme song where George drops off everyone at their destinations, only this time George stops Jane from taking his wallet when she doesn't accept the money he gives her. She says she was just going to buy groceries, but George cries, "Bullcrap!" Immediately after when Peter and Brian discuss how to get Death's attention (who transported them into the past to begin with), Jane's body drops to the ground, with her money falling on top of her dead body and the sound of George's space car swooshing away. Bergman and Beth Littleford voice George and Jane, respectively.
  • "Play It Again, Brian:" A caricaturist interprets Lois and Brian as Jane and Snoopy, respectively.
  • "Something, Something, Something Dark Side": Among the probes shot out of the Star Destroyer is Elroy in his pod on his way to Little Dipper School. This is accompanied by the "His boy, Elroy" part of the theme song.
  • "Pilling Them Softly:" When Quagmire fires Peter from his kitchen show, Peter says he can only be fired by Mr. Spacely, who pops up on the set and fires him without remorse, which causes Peter to sadly walk away. Mr. Spacely is voiced by MacFarlane.
  • "Emmy-Winning Episode:" Peter hears the wooshing of the flying car in Dr. Hartman's office.

Jonny Quest

  • Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story/"Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure:" Stewie talks to his older self about the job he once had as an airline check, where he accepts entry for Jonny Quest and his father, Doctor Quest, but not for Hadji, who he retains for a security inspection because of his race. Hadji tries to get his way by saying "Sim sim sala bim," but Stewie is unfazed and tells him to cut back on saying that.

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park


Main article: Scooby-Doo (franchise)
  • "Chitty Chitty Death Bang:" With the television transmitter cut, Peter wonders what the Scooby gang is up to, with the scene then cutting to an adult spin-off spoof called The Scooby-Doo Murder Files, where Mystery Incorporated investigates and describes in detail how someone was killed, as well being able to curse, as Fred demonstrates by saying, "Son of a bitch." There's also a van with the words "Murder Machine" written on the side as a reference to The Mystery Machine. Scooby and Velma are voiced by MacFarlane and Lori Allan, respectively, while Frank Welker has a guest spot to reprise his role of Fred.
  • "Family Guy Viewer Mail:" A segment parodies the Little Rascals with the adults as kids, which includes a portion of time at a spooky mansion, where the regressed boys also copy the hallway chase gag, featuring Mystery Incorporated in a cameo also running out of one door and into another.
  • "Deep Throats:" In a DVD-exclusive scene, when Brian and Stewie sneak into the town hall, they run into Mystery Incorporated, but Stewie gets rid of them by humming their own walk music against them. Fred is voiced by Frank Welker.
  • Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story/"Bango Was His Name Oh:" Lois tests Chris on the names of the four characters in Sex and the City, but he can only name three successfully, while he names the fourth Scrappy-Doo.
  • "Stewie Loves Lois:" Stewie has a yogurt cup with Scooby's name and apparently Shaggy's eyes have been cut out just the way he likes it.
  • "Excellence in Broadcasting:" John McCain and Rush Limbaugh, joined by a Scooby-like dog called Hot Dog, are tipped off by the groundskeeper of a mummy burning the American flag at the swamp, but after investigating they don't find what they're looking for. They set some crazy trap involving a pig, which catches the mummy, who they unmask to be "Old Man" Barney Frank, who yells, "And I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling Republicans!" McCain then suddenly turns to celebrity guests, the Harlem Globetrotters, for the help (just like an episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies). One of them tries to give McCain a high five, but McCain being the racist he is, turns him down.
  • "Meg Stinks!:" A skunk-sprayed Brian can't handle another night outside due to all the dangers, with his nephew, Scrappy-Brian, not surviving the night. Scrappy-Brian wanted to check out the noise they heard, which turned out to be from a velociraptor that tore Scrappy-Brian to pieces and ate him before walking away. Brian curses to himself and laments how he told his sister it wasn't going to be a good night for him.
  • "Stewie, Chris & Brian's Excellent Adventure:" Stewie tests Chris for his history class, by asking him who said, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself"? Chris responds with both Scooby and Shaggy, to which Stewie angrily responds, "It's nobody on Scooby-Doo!"
  • "Dog Bites Bear:" Stewie tells Brian that his stuffed bear, Rupert, called Brian "Scooby Don't."
  • "First Blood:" When the grizzly bear reveals itself to just be Wild West in disguise, Peter treats it like a Scooby-Doo unmasking and responds, "Old Man West? The owner of a ranch?" Quagmire calls him out for this, and Joe comments that it was an odd choice by the creators to make most of the villains small businessmen, which according to Joe, everybody likes.


  • "Emission Impossible": Stewie watches an episode of The Smurfs, where two Smurfs discuss one of them having sex with Smurfette, using the word "smurf" as a euphemism for sex.
  • "Halloween on Spooner Street": A girl dresses up as Smurfette, attending the same party as Meg and her friends.
  • "Guy, Robot": A drunken Peter claims that the mushrooms on his side of the bed are where the Smurfs live.


  • "Brian the Bachelor:" Chris told Doug, his talking zit, that they were the biggest pals since the Snorks; cut to Allstar and Casey on a date. Casey likes Allstar for not being like all the other guys who only want sex, but when she accidentally spills wine on the floor and cleans it up, it gives Allstar an erection, which is channeled through his snorkel. Micheal Bell reprises his role of Allstar, while Nancy Cartwright does Casey, instead of B.J. Ward. Cartwright was actually the voice of Daffney, but in all fairness, Casey and Daffney look pretty similar.

Space Ghost

  • "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Fonz": When Peter's father baptizes Stewie, and says, "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost," Peter adds Space Ghost.

Super Friends

Main article: Super Friends (franchise)
  • "A Hero Sits Next Door:" Peter thought being a hero would be all fun and games, like the time he played strip poker with the Super Friends at the Hall of Justice. A transition from The All-New Super Friends Hour featuring "SF" in a shield, shows Peter revealing three kings and asks Wonder Woman to bare her breasts, which she does after a sigh. Peter and the men are all excited to see Wonder Woman barechested, except for Robin who is curiously staring at Peter. The scene then shifts away with another Challenge of the Superfriends transition of two shooting stars.
  • "A Fish Out of Water:" In fear of losing the house, Peter desperately asks Brian to put his and Brian's rings together like the Wonder Twins. Brian plays along, but when Peter wants to transform into steam, Brian reminds him that the rings came from out of Frankenberry cereal.
  • "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High:" Peter used to be one half of the Wonder Twins with Jayna. She rushes into their room and announces the old school is on fire, they activate their powers, with Jayna transforming into a hawk and flying to the school, then Peter transforms into a tampon and waits in her purse to be used. He later regretted the decision. Jayna is voiced by Rachael MacFarlane.
  • "The Perfect Castaway": When Peter is presumed dead, Brian takes over as the patriarch and helps Meg get a date with the Super Friends announcer ("Meanwhile, under Meg Griffin's bra!").
  • "PTV:" Peter gets Apache Chief to use his powers to place the satellite dish on his roof. After performing the task, he announces dejectedly that after that being the highlight of his day, he will go gambling. Apache Chief is voiced by John Viener.
  • "No Meals on Wheels:" Peter says that Mort is a bigger mooch than the Mexican Super Friends. At the Mexican Hall of Justice, the landlord enters and wants to know from Superman where all the extra superheroes have come from when he said only five would be living in the building. Mexican Superman insists they're just guests, when Mexican Batman returns with 60 keys. There are also Hispanic versions of Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Robin, and Jayna (although this Jayna looks pretty much the same as her "American" counterpart).
  • "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One:" Mayor Lois claims that Adolf Hitler is plotting with the Legion of Doom to assassinate Jesus, using Lake Quahog as a base. Then the scene cuts to a Super Friends-style narrator announcing the Legion of Doom as their Hall of Doom rises from the swamp. Lex Luthor wants to know how she found out, to which Solomon Grundy reveals he "kinda dropped the ball" on that. MacFarlane voices the narrator and Solomon Grundy.
  • Something, Something, Something Dark Side: After a swamp creature almost takes Cleveland/R2-D2 below, he wonders what else could be in there, to which the narrator starts announcing the Legion of Doom with the Hall of Doom coming out of the swamp, but Chris/Luke Skywalker yells at him that it's not the time, so the narrator quickly responds, "Okay" and the Hall of Doom descends back into the swamp.
  • "Family Goy:" In place of the regular Family Guy opening, it is replaced with a parody of the original Super Friends opening. Peter is Superman, Brian is Batman, Stewie is Robin, Lois is Wonder Woman, Chris is Aquaman, and there's also Meg.
  • "Grumpy Old Man:" At the Drunken Clam, Peter and his friends watch The Super Friends Accountant, in which the Super Friends' accountant points out to them that the Hall of Justice is hemorrhaging them money as it is sitting on five acres of commercial real estate and they owe four million dollars in back property taxes. He is curious as to how they can afford the building without any income. He suggests a wealthy benefactor who could help out such as Bruce Wayne. Batman is quick to shoot the possibility down by claiming Bruce wouldn't be interested, as he hears it.

Quick Draw McGraw

  • "Ocean's Three and a Half:" When Stewie throws his guitar on the ground, it makes El Kabong's infamous "Kabong" sound effect.

Tom and Jerry

Main article: Tom and Jerry (theatrical shorts)
  • "Road to Rupert:" Stewie is superimposed on Jerry who danced with Joe Brady (played by Gene Kelly) during "The Worry Song" in the film Anchors Aweigh.
  • "Valentine's Day in Quahog:" Peter and Lois spend the day in bed during Valentine's Day, which includes watching the final episode of Tom and Jerry in which Tom hires an exterminator to get rid of Jerry. The exterminator asks Tom what he wants to be done with the body of Jerry, but Tom doesn't care about that part, Jerry can be thrown in the garbage for all he cares, but Tom does show some interest in keeping one of Jerry's oversized mallets.

Wacky Races

  • "April in Quahog:" Peter isn't having a good time at jury duty, making a joke about the vending machines being out of order, too, which makes Brian snicker like Muttley, while also wearing an aviator cap and scarf, as Muttley did in Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines.
  • "La Famiglia Guy:" Peter, as a Mafia boss, brings a cat to church in spite of Lois insisting that Peter can't bring him. The cat makes a wheezing laugh similar to Muttley after Peter makes a pun on him being "catolic".

Yogi Bear

  • "Hell Comes to Quahog": When Meg berates Peter for getting her tank confiscated, he tells her it's not as worse as the time he did a park ranger (likely Ranger Smith) a favor by fatally stabbing Yogi with a hunter's knife and then suffocating him to get the job done faster, while Boo Boo watches helplessly. After Peter is done, he callously orders Boo Boo to tell the other bears what he just saw. MacFarlane voices Yogi.


  • "No Country Club for Old Men": At the airport, Peter says he got tired of not being able to find their luggage, so he tied a "vaguely looking Hanna-Barbera character" to it. True to his word, the family sees a purple rhinoceros come out on the luggage belt, with their luggage roped around it. The rhino angrily quips, "This trip was impoceros!"