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Species Unknown alien
Gender Male
Affiliation Elroy Jetson
George Jetson
Jane Jetson
Judy Jetson
Occupation Housepet
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
Marital status Single
First appearance TJ: "Elroy Meets Orbitty" (1985)
Played by Frank Welker (1985)
Diane Michelle (2004)
Ulka Simone Mohanty (2024)
JS Orbitty.png

Orbitty is an alien who befriended Elroy Jetson and lived in his home as his pet, becoming a prominent supporting character in the second season of Jetsons animated television series. His voice was originated by Frank Welker.

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Writer Mark Young added Orbitty to the series at the request of Hanna-Barbera co-founder, Joseph Barbera, when The Jetsons returned for its 1980s revival. According to John Kricfalusi, the character was made due to the success of E.T. the Extra Terrestrial in 1982, and was done so to make the show appealing to kids at the time.[1] He later noted in retrospect that both he and the staff hated Orbitty, and tried to talk Barbera out of it.[2]

Orbitty had a very large presence in a lot of episodes from the second season, but wasn't much favored in the third, as he only appeared in a sleeping cameo in "Two Many Georges."


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