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This is about the character. For the episode, see Uniblab.
File:Uniblab (character).png
Species Robot
Gender Male
Affiliation Spacely Space Sprockets
Occupation Office supervisor
First appearance TJ: "Uniblab" (1962)
Played by Don Messick (1962-87)

Uniblab is an antagonist of the Jetsons franchise. He is a robot introduced in the episode "Uniblab", and acts as George Jetson's obnoxious supervisor, where he exposes information that caused Mr. Spacely to fire George from his company. He later appeared as a military sergeant in the episode "G.I. Jetson", and made sporadic appearances in seasons 2 and 3 of the television series. He is voiced by Don Messick.

Character description

Uniblab has a unique verbal tic, repeating every spoken sentence at least once, with beeps and clicks in between.


TV series


George's new supervisor

Uniblab was originally built to be the new office supervisor of Spacely Space Srockets, as opposed to George Jetson, despite his many years of service. Although Uniblab outwardly appeared highly intelligent, skilled and hard working, he was in truth a scheming, conniving opportunist who would goof off out of Mr. Spacely's view, frequently gambling via rigged games with fellow employees, as well as secretly recording their personal opinions to expose them talking behind Spacely's back. This ultimately resulted in George losing his job, but he struck back with Henry Orbit's help to spike Uniblab's oil lubricant supply with Spring Tonic, leaving Uniblab heavily intoxicated. After Uniblab's drunken antics exposed his true personality in front of Spacely and his Board of Directors, as well as humiliating Spacely himself, Uniblab was fired and deposited in the nearest junkyard by George. But not too long afterwards, Henry hired Uniblab as his temporary replacement superintendent, claiming that due to a lack of available workforce, he had to choose anybody he could get during his time on vacation. Uniblab immediately began instating new rules, such as raising the rent and prohibiting pets, causing George to lose his temper and kick Uniblab out (and hurting his foot in the process).

Sergeant Uniblab


Behind the scenes

  • His name is a play on UNIVAC, a line of early computers manufactured between 1951 to 1986.


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Behind the scenes