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Species Humanoid alien
Gender Male
Member of Council of Doom
Affiliation Space Ghost[Note 1]
Zorak[Note 2]
Occupation Director/Producer[Note 3]
Host of Toonami[Note 4]
Goals To destroy Space Ghost and take over the universe
To do his Coast to Coast job properly[Note 5]
Marital status Single
First appearance SG: "The Ovens of Moltor" (1966)
Played by Regis Cordic (1966-68)
C. Martin Croker (1994-2016)
Bernardo de Paula (2024)
File:C2C Moltar.png
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
JS Moltar.png

Moltar is a masked archenemy of Space Ghost and an antagonist of the Space Ghost animated franchise. His voice was originated by Regis Cordic.

Character description

Moltar normally wears an orange-red and gray full-body containment suit, which has green gloves, a visor, and a breathing receptacle. Although it is unknown what Moltar looks like without the suit, it is stated in Space Ghost Coast to Coast that his body is made entirely of lava.


TV series


Video games


Debut Series

Moltar in his first appearance.

In "The Ovens of Moltor," Moltar was a brilliant scientist who made a base on the uninhabited molten planet Moltor. He created the powerful "Magma Men" who were giant and could easily destroy entire armies on their own. He planned to conquer the galaxy with them, but was thwarted by Space Ghost, who destroyed his planet.

Coast to Coast

In Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Moltar is the director and producer of Space Ghost's talk show. He acts as the most competent person in the series, sometimes presenting himself as being smarter than he seems. He tends to be very good friends with Zorak, even though Zorak does not have the same feelings for him.

Cartoon Planet

Moltar Sells Out

From 1997 to 1999, Moltar was the original host of Cartoon Network's Toonami block, where he would broadcast action cartoons such as The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and Thundercats at the Ghost Planet Industries building, and give out moral advise to viewers. He would also broadcast Japanese anime series at around this time, including Sailor Moon, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, and Dragon Ball Z. After Toonami went through a brand refresh in 1999, Moltar passed his hosting duties to TOM (short for Toonami Operations Module), who permanently became its host in addition to several incarnations throughout its run (and the block's revival on Adult Swim since 2012). Moltar was mentioned by TOM 1 during his first introduction, proclaiming himself as "the new Moltar."[1] Later in a 2016 bumper, as tribute to the late C. Martin Croker, TOM 5 recieves an old transmission from Moltar, which SARA deciphered into a message of him quitting his role on Toonami:

Hey, TOM.

I've been called back to Moltor and I won't be coming back. There's a money oven waiting for me. Just wanted you to know, I always thought I was a better Toonami host than you. Good luck never being able to fill my boots, sucker.[2]

Following the transmision, TOM wishes Moltar the best of future endavours and to keep his oven forever lit.[2]

In 2000, Moltar made an appearance in the Cartoon Network special "The Big Game XXVIII," where during the "halftime" segment, he and Fred Jones discuss on the latter's experience with the events of The Scooby-Doo Project.

Moltar in the Funny Books



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Toys and merchandise

Behind the scenes

  • In his first appearance, his clothing originally had a white and yellow color scheme. This was changed to a orange and grey suit afterwards.


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