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This article is about the character. For other uses, see Zorak.
Species Alien mantis
Gender Male
Member of Council of Doom
The Original Way Outs[Note 1]
Affiliation Space Ghost[Note 2]
Moltar[Note 3]
Brak[Note 4]
Occupation Leader of the Zorathian
Bandleader[Note 5]
Goals To rule the galaxy and destroy Space Ghost
Father Unnamed father in Coast to Coast
Mother Unnamed mother in Coast to Coast
Marital status Single
First appearance SG: "Zorak" (1966)
Played by Don Messick (1966-68)
C. Martin Croker (1994-2012)
Gregg Berger (2013)
Jim Conroy (2024)
File:C2C Zorak.png
Space Ghost Coast to Coast
TBS Zorak.png
The Brak Show
JS Zorak.png

Zorak is an insectoid mantis and an antagonist of the Space Ghost animated franchise. He is the leader of a species from the planet Dokar, and is the sworn arch-nemesis of Space Ghost. His voice was originated by Don Messick.

Character description

Zorak's physical appearance resembles a green anthropomorphic praying mantis with wings, a hunched body and a beak. His wardrobe usually consists of a blue vest, yellow gloves and matching boots with pointed fins.


TV series




Debut Series

In the original Space Ghost series, Zorak is an evil intergalactic ruler who conducted several diabolical schemes to rule the galaxy. However, they were eventually stopped as a result of Space Ghost and his crew's lawful deeds.

In his first appearance, Zorak escaped from prison with the help of his minions in order to get revenge on Space Ghost. He captured Jan and Jace as his hostages and left a message for Space Ghost to come and rescue them on the planet Dokar. As Space Ghost's came close to his arrival, Zorak forced Space Ghost to do a series of dangerous tasks. Space Ghost successfully did so, saving his sidekicks and sending a spacecraft straight to destroy Zorak's base of operations. The fate of Zorak and his minions were left undetermined in the remains of the building, although Jace commented that it might have safer for them to be there than in jail.[1]

Zorak's presumed death would prove to be false, however, as he antagonized Space Ghost again with another plan. After setting their new operations in a remote planet, Zorak and his crew built a robot named Titanar that could destroy Space Ghost. Zorak issued a challenge to Space Ghost: If Space Ghost proves his victory against Titanar, Zorak would leave and never return. If Zorak's robot wins, Space Ghost must do the same. Space Ghost accepted Zorak's offer, but found himself losing to the machine when he assumed that his power bands were not working. However, when it was later revealed that Zorak had switched Space Ghost's power bands with fake ones, Jan and Jace helped Space Ghost and destroyed Titanar, forcing Zorak to take his defeat and leave.[2]

Coast to Coast

In Space Ghost Coast to Coast, he is the bandleader of The Original Way Outs on Space Ghost's show. Despite being reformed, Zorak is still maniacal and would frequently mock Space Ghost and the guests he interviews.

Cartoon Planet

The Brak Show

In The Brak Show, he was cast as a friend of Brak, and manipulates him into aiding in or committing illegal acts.

Everyone's Back in Jellystone!

Zorak Sells Out

Zorak in the Funny Books

In Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #19, Zorak and Moltar team up to build an attack base on the moon as a means of taking over the earth. Their plans were foiled by Space Ghost and Mystery Inc., where it was revealed afterwards that the duo had hypnotized Space Ghost into believing that he had been a talk show host.


Zorak was added to Space Ghost Coast to Coast because the producers saw him as the Joker to Space Ghost's Batman.


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Toys and merchandise

Behind the scenes

  • Zorak's species is not properly named throughout his appearances, although his model sheet for the original show refered to them as the "mantis-men."
  • Zorak's vest changing its color to red occasionally in Space Ghost Coast to Coast is the result of reused animation for one of his minions.
  • In The Brak Show episode "Brakstreet," he claims to be 40 years old, which was exactly C. Martin Croker's age at the time it aired.


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