Girlie Show

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Girlie Show
SG's women in the entertainment industry.png
Premiere date: March 24, 1995
Run time: 12:35
Music composed by: Sonny Sharrock
Eddie Horst
Writers: Evan Dorkin
Sarah Dyer
Animation directors: C. Martin Croker
Chris Harmon
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"Girlie Show" is the third episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast season two, and the thirteenth overall. It aired on March 24, 1995 on Cartoon Network. It was written by Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer.

Space Ghost dedicates this show to women, and interviews The Nanny actress Fran Drescher, comedian Carol Channing, and... musician Alice Cooper.

Detailed summary

Memorable quotes

Moltar: Space Ghost, you got a Channing at three o'clock.

Zorak: Welcome to our nightmare, Alice.


Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Space Ghost George Lowe
Zorak C. Martin Croker
Jack Klugman
Moltar C. Martin Croker
Fran Drescher Herself
Johnny (voice only) Unavailable
Arsenio Hall
Gloop and Gleep Unavailable
Peter Marc Jacobson
Russell Johnson Himself
Carol Channing Herself
Alice Cooper Himself




  • None


  • None




Archival footage of Russell Johnson is used from "Gilligan," when he randomly pops up. He is even credited.

It was copyrighted in 1995.


The score was composed by Sony Sharrock and Eddie Horst. The musicians were Sharrock, Lance Carter, Horst, and Alfrieda Gerald.


Dates are in order of release:

Behind the scenes

  • At the end of the credits when the Cartoon Network logo appears, Space Ghost says "Good night, my little Nanny, wherever you are," followed by Drescher's laugh.


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