Freak Show

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Freak Show
Commander Andy in his room.png
Premiere date: May 22, 1996
Run time: 11:30
Music composed by: Sony Sharrock
Eddie Horst
Writers: Andy Merrill
Animation directors: C. Martin Croker
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"Freak Show" is the seventh episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast season three, and the twenty-fifth overall. It aired on May 22, 1996 on Cartoon Network. It was written by Andy Merrill.

An ubergeek named Commander Andy hijacks Space Ghost's feed to make demands while he interviews yodeling musician, Wylie Gustafson, and comedic singer Bill Manspeaker in a spider-like monster costume.

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Memorable quotes

Commander Andy: I had a party over here at my place to watch a whole new episode of Space Ghost like they advertised, but really it was a crappy rehashing of two old episodes.


Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Commander Andy Andy Merrill
Space Ghost George Lowe
Moltar C. Martin Croker
Zorak C. Martin Croker
Christy N/A
Wylie Gustafson Himself
Commander Andy's mother (voice only) Unavailable
Junior Samples
Russell Johnson "The Professor"
Craig McCraken Himself
Tom Roche (no lines) Himself
Judy Tenuta (no lines) Herself
Kirk the Storyteller
Herndon Dave Willis
Don Bohannan
Bill Manspeaker Himself




  • Power bands
  • Apple Jacks (mentioned)





It was copyrighted in 1996.


The score was composed by Sony Sharrock and Eddie Horst. The musicians were Sharrock, Lance Carter, Horst, and Alfrieda Gerald.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: May 22, 1996 on Cartoon Network

Behind the scenes

  • Commander Andy's room is full of Stark Trek posters which include Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, and the original Enterprise, as well as a poster of Mulder and Scully from the TV series The X-Files.
    • He makes references to travel jargon like "Warp Factor 9," the Vulcan hello/goodbye, the Romulans, the Prime Directive, and the Vulcan nerve pinch.
    • He pretends to be on a phone call with Scully and mentions the Cigarette Man.
  • Commander Any asks Zorak for some gum, which is a reference to "Gum, Disease," although Zorak was asking Brandon Marsalis for gum.
  • Space Ghost brings up the TV series Hee Haw, leading Zorak holds a sign with the number "BR-549" written on it in reference to a skit performed by Junior Samples.
  • Like a true geek, Commander Andy refers to the "Banjo" episode as "Episode 6" first. Space Ghost corrects him and says it was episode 7, which is technically true, but it just aired as the sixth.
  • Max Headroom pops up on Moltar's monitor when Commander Andy scrambles it.
  • Commander Andy refers to Space Ghost as "Space Man" and "Space Master" copying Russell Johnson in "Gilligan."
  • Craig McCraken in his swimwear was from "President's Day Nightmare."
  • There clip of Tom Roche was from his interview with WAGA-TV Atlanta, even coming with the mistake of calling him Tim Roche over the screen.
  • Judy's interview occurred in "Elevator."
  • Commander Andy wants a toy replica of the Phantom Cruiser, but not the "crappy Eighties version" which appeared in Space Stars.
  • Commander Andy expresses his disappointment of "Story Book House" rehashing of "Banjo" and "Batmantis" into one episode.
  • When Space Ghost says "For the love of Don Bohannan," he's referring to the cameraman.
  • An audio clip of Commander Andy saying "Oh, oh, oh, just one more thing" is reused during Cartoon Network's logo in the end credits.


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