Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman.png
Species Amazon
Gender Female
Member of Super Friends
Affiliation Batman
Marvin White
Wendy Harris
Wonder Dog
Mystery Incorporated
Etta Candy
Occupation Superhero
Mother Queen Hippolyta
Marital status Single
First appearance SF: "The Power Pirate" (1973)
Played by Shannon Farnon (1973-83)
Connie Cawlfield (1984)
B.J. Ward (1985)
Rachel Kimsey (2019)
Abby Trott (2022)
Grey Griffin (2022, 2023)
TSPT Wonder Woman.png
The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians
SDGW Wonder Woman.png
Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?

Wonder Woman, the alter ego of Princess Diana, is a superhero and one of the main characters of the Super Friends franchise. She comes from Paradise Island,[Note 1] and is one of the few female members of the Super Friends. As a civilian, she goes under the alias of Diana Prince. Her voice was originated by Shannon Farnon.

Character description

Wonder Woman as Diana Prince.

Depending on the writer, Wonder Woman's personality has been depicted differently in various media and tones; that of a mighty warrior, a highly compassionate and calm ambassador, and sometimes as an naive and innocent person. In Super Friends, she is generally characterized as an equal member of the titular team (sometimes known as the Justice League), and is simply thought of as a moral educator on those who've either wronged her, or unable to solve a particular issue, or simply evil. She also sees her allies as equals and is also friendly at times.

Wonder Woman's classic outfit is that of a red one-piece suit, which contains a golden strap, a W-shaped emblem, and a blue and white star bottoms. It also consists of red and white boots, her bulletproof bracelets/cuffs, and a golden tiara that she uses as a throwing weapon, similar to a boomerang. Modern depictions of her outfit (such as her guest appearance in Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?) tend to be consistent with the traditional look, but also take inspiration with the motifs of Greek gladiator armor.


Wonder Woman's powers were gifted by the Olympian gods, and as such has attributed their superhuman abilities since her conception.[1]

  • Superhuman strength: Gifted by Hercules, Wonder Woman is able to perform extreme feats of strength with ease.
  • Superhuman speed: Gifted by Mercury, Wonder Woman is much swifter than the average human's top speed. She first demonstrated this ability when she was a young girl, for example, where she outran a deer.[1] Wonder Woman's fast agility has allowed her to do aerial flips and jumps, as well as block automatic weapon fire and energy blasts with her bracelets.
  • Telepathy: Wonder Woman can transmit her thoughts to summon or control her invisible jet to her aid, and also uses this ability to control her Lasso of Truth. Aquaman considers her and himself to be "telepathy experts."[2]


  • Hand-to-hand combat: Since she was trained as an Amazonian warrior, Wonder Woman is an experienced fighter and uses both armed and unarmed combat.
  • Aviation: Wonder Woman is able to use her invisible jet due to her experience in using aircraft vehicles.


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Video games


Past life

Joining the Super Friends

Popular on Halloween

Jeanie dresses up as Wonder Woman for Halloween in the TV special The Last Halloween.

Young Daphne Blake also wore a Wonder Woman costume for Halloween in the theatrical film Scoob!



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Behind the scenes

  • Wonder Woman is a DC Comics character created by psychologist and writer William Moulton Marston, and artist Harry G. Peter. She made her first debut in All Star Comics #8 on October 21, 1941 (cover dated Dec./Jan. 1941/1942).
  • A young version of Wonder Woman would've appeared in Hanna-Barbera's proposed prequel series Junior Superfriends.
  • In Harley Quinn #64, Harley Quinn puts herself inside a comic she is reading to her comatose mother, where she comes across Justice League Dark solving a mystery as Mystery Incorporated, with Wonder Woman acting filling in the role of the non-believer Velma, although it is Swamp Thing, filling the role of Shaggy, who says, "Jinkies."


  1. ^ Paradise Island was the original name of Thymescira in comics and other media prior to 1987. After DC rebooted their main continuity with the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline in 1985, the island was given its new title in Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #1.