Wonder Twins

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Wonder Twins
Wonder Twins.png
Species Exxorian
Gender Male (Zan)
Female (Jayna)
Member of Super Friends
Affiliation Gleek
Wonder Woman
Occupation Superhero
Father Ronab[Note 1]
Mother Rua[Note 2]
Marital status Single
First appearance TSF: "The Warning of the Wondertwins" (1977)
Played by Zan: Michael Bell (1977-84)
Jayna: Louise Williams (1977-81)
B.J. Ward (1984)

The Wonder Twins, also spelt the Wondertwins, are the duo moniker of Zan and Jayna, Exxorian twin superheroes in training, and main characters of the Super Friends animated franchise. Their voices were originated by Michael Bell and Louise Williams.

They also have an alien pet monkey called Gleek.

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Behind the scenes

In popular culture

  • In the That 70s Show episode "Ramble On," Kelso has a fantasy sequence of the kids as the Super Pals, who receive a threat from Red as Doctor Bald, a doppelganger of Lex Luthor. Hyde and Jackie are Zan and Jayna, who have their initials on their uniforms and are quite alarmingly lovers.
  • In the Robot Chicken episode "Kiddie Pool," in "The Incredible Adventures of the Olsen Twins" segment, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are called on by "the Chief" to save the city from a dragon, to which they then spoof the Wonder Twins by crying, "Olsen twin powers activate!" Ashley turns into an eagle and Mary Kate into a bucket of water, respectively. Gleek also pops up in time to grab the Mary Kate bucket and to be picked up by Ashley. When the trio makes it to the dragon, Gleek hits the dragon with the Mary Kate bucket. The Dragon shoots fire back at them, so they land, and Gleek trips the dragon with a banana peel, but it backfires when the dragon slips right on top of Gleek and kills him.
  • In the Veronica Mars episode "Welcome Wagon," Vinnie tries to get Keith to work with him by saying, "Wonder Twin powers, activate."
  • In the Smallville episode "Idol," Clark becomes a mentor to Zan and Jayna (referred to as Z and J, as if to make their names sound more realistic with just their initials). At one point, Jayna drops her phone, which has Gleek's face on the back. The twins' full names are used in the Smallville Season 11 comics.
  • In the Legends of Tomorrow episode "Zari, Not Zari," Nate refers to Zari and her brother, Behrad, as the Wonder Twins.
  • The Wonder Twins have appeared several times in the Teen Titans Go! TV series. See how many times at the Zan and Jayna pages at Teen Titans Go! Wiki.
  • In the Young Sheldon episode "Snoopin' Around and the Wonder Twins of Atheism," Sheldon tells Missy that they should go to Sunday school to attack the new youth pastor's belief system as the Wonder Twins of atheism.

Family Guy

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  • "A Fish Out of Water:" In fear of losing the house, Peter desperately asks Brian to put his and Brian's rings together like the Wonder Twins. Brian plays along, but when Peter wants to transform into steam, Brian reminds him that the rings came from out of Frankenberry cereal.
  • "Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High:" Peter used to be one half of the Wonder Twins with Jayna. She rushes into their room and announces the old school is on fire, they activate their powers, with Jayna transforming into a hawk and flying to the school, then Peter transforms into a tampon and waits in her purse to be used. He later regretted the decision. Jayna is voiced by Rachael MacFarlane.

The Simpsons

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  • Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror #13 - "Prop, Prop, Whiz, Whiz!:" Bart considers buying a comic of The Wonder Twins, which has Zan and Jayna on the cover in the forms of water and fish, respectively, battling a bank robber.
  • Simpsons Super Spectacular #15 - "Nerds of Prey:" In a fantasy, Sherri and Terri are the Wonderful Twins, a parody of the Wonder Twins.


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