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This article is about the family. For other uses, see The Jetsons.
The Family of the Future.
Members George Jetson
Jane Jetson
Judy Jetson
Elroy Jetson
Montague Jetson
First appearance TJ: "Rosey the Robot" (1962)

The Jetsons are a futuristic family and the titular main cast of the Jetsons animated franchise. They live at Orbit City in the distant year of 2062 and their residence is at Skypad Apartments.


George Jetson

George Jetson is the father and patriarch of the Jetson family. He is a loving parent who cares a lot about his loved ones, but is a clumsy man when it comes to taking responsibilities to both his family's needs and his job. He works for Spacely Space Sprockets as digital index operator, although he perfers to do nothing in his workshift than be a follower of Mr. Spacely's orders.

Jane Jetson

Jane Jetson is the mother and matriarch of the family. She works as a housewife at Skypad Apartments, where she does little work due to all the futuristic technologies that make her work easier to manage. She is also a loving parent, and her personal pasttime is shopping at the mall.

Judy Jetson

Judy Jetson is the eldest child of the family and a teenager with white hair. Although a majority of her lifestyle is not too different to that of a modern teen, she enjoys taking advantage of the many technology gadgets at her grasp. She is boy crazy and is also very fond of young celebrities, such as the rock singer Jet Screamer. She attends Orbit High School.

Elroy Jetson

Elroy Jetson is the family's youngest child and a 6½-year old child prodigy. He attends Little Dipper School, where he studies space history, astrophysics and star geometry. He is a mild-mannered and intelligent child with good qualities.

Montague Jetson

Montague Jetson is George's 110-year-old grandfather and great grandfather of Judy & Elroy. He lives seperately from the Jetson family's residence, though there are times where he came to meet with them once in a while. Despite his old age, he acts like a youthfull kid with a ton of energy.


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