The Last Halloween

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The Last Halloween
The Last Halloween bumper.png
Commercial bumper.
Production company: Hanna-Barbera
Distributor: Turner Entertainment
Release date: October 28, 1991
Run time: 21:38
Starring: Rhea Pearlman
Will Nipper
Sarah Martineck
Stan Ivan
Michael D. Roberts
Richard Moll
Eugene Roche
Executive producer(s): David Kirschner
Music composed by: Bruce Broughton
Screenplay by: Sean Roche and Savage Steve Holland
Director(s): Savage Steve Holland
Title card
The Last Halloween title card.png

The Last Halloween is an American live-action sci-fi/comedy TV special for Halloween. It aired on October 28, 1991 on CBS. It was written by Sean Roche and Savage Steve Holland, produced Kenneth K. Koch, and directed by Holland.

During Halloween, two siblings, still grieving for their dead mother, discover a spaceship piloted by four little Martians, who are in desperate need to refuel with "coobi," which just happens to be candy. Meanwhile, an eccentric old woman looking for the secret ingredient for eternal youth in bugs, also discovers it to be in one of the aliens she mistakes for a bug.

Detailed summary

Memorable quotes


Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Narrator (voice only) William Hanna
Digger Unavailable
Lou Grant Gelt
Michael Will Nipper
Lou's sisters
Jeanie Sarah Martineck
Michael & Jeanie's mother (photo) Unavailable
Grant Stan Ivar
Hans Richard Moll
Mrs. Gizborne Rhea Pearlman
Scoota Frank Welker
Romtu Don Messick
Accountant Michael D. Roberts
Grandpa Eugene Roche
Bing Frank Welker
Gleep Paul Williams
Kid in Fred Flintstone mask Tim Anderson
Fred Flintstone (mask) N/A
Woman at door Darwyn Carson
Lou's mother (voice only) Unavailable
Sheriff Sean Roche



  • Coobi meter
  • Cosmic Candy (mentioned)
  • Hydro-ionizer
  • Wishing stone


  • Martians' spaceship
  • Mrs. Gizborne's car





The score was composed by Bruce Broughton.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: October 28, 1991 at 8:30 pm on CBS

Behind the scenes

  • William Hanna also narrated the commercial bumpers.
  • Lou's name is only used in the credits.
  • Jeanie is dressed like Wonder Woman.


Marketing and promotion

In October 1990, Mars started the "Miss from Mars" campaign, with a commercial that told its own story about the aliens landing on Earth to give kids candy. The aliens weren't animated in the same quality as they appeared in the film, and they didn't sound exactly the same, barring the exception of Scoota who sounded like he was voiced by Frank Welker.

The special was reaired at least twice, and was used again by Mars in their 1993 "Halloween Stars" campaign.

Critical reception


Award Date of ceremony Category Recipient Result
Primetime Emmy Awards August 3, 1992 Outstanding Individual Achievement in Special Visual Effects Henry F. Anderson III
Paul Boyington
Dale Fay
Brad Lewis

Home availability

  • Not available. 😥


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