Doctor Benton Quest

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Doctor Benton Quest
Doctor Benton Quest.png
Always pessimistic, but still a brilliant scientist.
Species Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Race Bannon
Hardrock[Note 1]
Jessie Bannon[Note 2]
Occupation Scientist
Works for The U.S. Government
Goals Investigating strange occurrences
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
Other relative(s) Doug Wildey, father-in-law[Note 3]
Marital status Husband to Mrs. Quest
Son(s) One biological son, Jonny Quest
One adopted son, Hadji
First appearance JQ: "The Mystery of the Lizard Men" (1964)
Played by John Stephenson (1964)
Don Messick (1964-95)
George Segal (1996-97)
Charles Howerton (1996)
John de Lancie (1996-97)
Neil Ross (2000-07)
Eric Bauza (2015)
80s Benton Quest.png
Dr. Quest in the 80s second season.
TRA S1 Benton Quest.png
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest|The Real Adventures season 1.
File:TRA S2 Benton Quest.png
The Real Adventures season 2.
File:JS Benton Quest.png

Doctor Benton C.[1] Quest is a scientist and one of the main characters of the Jonny Quest animated franchise. His voice was originated by John Stephenson, though he was shortly replaced by Don Messick.

The widowed father of Jonny, Doctor Quest is a scientific genius who works for the U.S. government. He is in the forefront of research in many other areas, and is called upon to investigate strange occurrences around the world.

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The Adventures of Doctor Quest (and Not Jonny Quest)

The 1980s Adventures

Dr. Quest vs. the Liver Spots of Zin

Paranormal Investigator

Custody Battle

Running with Tom and Jerry


Doctor Quest in the Funny Books

Comico's Real World Adventures

The Dark Horse Adventures

When HB Worlds Collide



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Behind the scenes

In popular culture

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  • In the Weekend Update sketch in the Saturday Night Live episode "Miranda Richardson/Soul Asylum," Rob Schneider contests the FFC's ruling that cartoons aren't educational because a cartoon such as Jonny Quest has pro-social values in positively showing gay men, with a picture beside him of Doctor Quest and Race.
  • In the Freakazoid! segment "Doomsday Bet," from a one-off Toby Danger backup feature, Doctor Quest was lampooned as Doctor Vernon Danger, with Don Messick reprising his role as Doctor Quest.
  • Doctor Quest is lampooned as Doctor Courage, who is also physically fit like Race, in the Evil Con Carne episode "Max Courage!" Dr. Courage, along with his sons, Rick and Max, visit Bunny Island at the request of Doctor Courage's old protege, Major Dr. Ghastly, which is a trap to get him to help her finish building the Doomsday Machine. Dr. Courage holds Max to a higher regard than Rick, to the point where he values their pet weasel more.
  • In The Fairly OddParents TV movie Channel Chasers, Timmy zaps himself into the world of Jonny Hunt, in which he becomes part of an escape with the titular, young Jonny Hunt and his team from a laser-firing robot shaped like a scorpion in the jungle. The old man who was also presumably Jonny's father, invited Timmy along with them after Timmy saved them, referencing Doctor Quest's carelessness in taking his son on dangerous missions.
  • In the Family Guy DTV movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (which was later edited for TV as "Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure"), Stewie talks to his older self about the job he once had as an airline check, where he accepts entry for Doctor Quest and his son, but not for Hadji, who he retains for a security inspection because of his race.
  • In the film The Incredibles 2, Dash watches the end of the Jonny Quest episode "Arctic Splashdown," where Doctor Quest fires the laser that knocks down the enemy ship.


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