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Crowd cheers for Harvey.png
Network Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)
Premiere date October 15, 2006
Run time 11:37
Starring Gary Cole
Stephen Colbert
Thomas Allen
Chris Edgerly
Paget Brewster
David Koechner
Grey DeLisle
Music composed by Michael Kohler
Writer(s) Michael Ouweleen
Erik Richter
Director(s) Richard Ferguson-Hull
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"Babysitter" is the third episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law season four, and the thirty-fifth overall. It aired on October 15, 2006 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. It was written by series creators, Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter, produced by Evan W Adler, and directed by Richard Ferguson-Hull. There is no particular Hanna-Barbera series in this series except for the studio's works in general.

After Phil's shocking death, the firm falls into the control of Harvey, although it would be if Potamus and his new partner, Cubby, didn't have other ideas of how to run things. In the chaos, Reducto is also left organizing Peanut's birthday.

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Character debut Speaking debut Ep. debut No lines Mentioned

In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Harvey Birdman Gary Cole
Scooby-Doo (picture) N/A
Peanut Thomas Allen
Scrappy-Doo N/A
Avenger Unavailable
Papa Smurf
Paw Rugg
Inch High (picture) N/A
Peter Potamus Chris Edgerly
Ernie Devlin N/A
Tangy Devlin N/A
Myron Reducto Stephen Colbert
Phil Ken Sebben Stephen Colbert
Blue Falcone N/A
O.J. Simpson N/A
President George W. Bush N/A
Janitor N/A
Baba Looey N/A
Judy Ken Sebben/Birdgirl Paget Brewster
Phyllis Ken Sebben
Cubby McQuilken David Koechner
Nun N/A
Black Vulcan N/A
The Bear Unavailable
Spooky Space Kook N/A
Doctor Benton Quest N/A
Race Bannon N/A
Teddy Chris Edgerly
Mary Volcanus Grey DeLisle
Benjamin Franklin (money print) N/A





  • Bus



Phil leaving the firm (and eventually being killed off) is full of inside jokes about his portrayer Colbert having to leave Harvey Birdman to star in his own show, The Colbert Report. The bus that kills Phil also advertises The Colbert Report. Reducto is also killed by a clown car for the same reason.



The music was composed by Michael Kohler.


Dates are in order of release:

  • United States: October 15, 2006 on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network)

Behind the scenes

  • Harvey packs his suitcase with his dress from "Evolutionary War."
  • The front of the Sebben & Sebben building says "An AOL-Time Warner Co." despite them having already departed ways.
  • Phil and Aunt Phyllis got married in "Return of Birdgirl."
  • Poots & bladders, Scribble, and Clueless are parodies of chutes and Ladders, Scrabble, and Clue.
  • Phil's gravestone marks 1964 as his birth, which would make him 42. Although since this would also make him 3 years old in Birdman.
  • The gravestone also doesn't include the year of his death, perhaps because he came back in "The Death of Harvey."
  • Baba Looey's dead body can be seen at the morgue as he had died in "Guitar Control".


  • Ol' Dirty Carny is spelled Old Dirty Carny.
  • DeLisle is credited for voicing Debbie even though she doesn't appear and her voice doesn't come through the intercom.

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