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Species Dog (bulldog)
Gender Male
Affiliation Jonny Quest
Doctor Benton Quest
Race Bannon
Hardrock in the 1980s
Jessie Bannon in the 1990s
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
First appearance JQ: "The Mystery of the Lizard Men" (1964)
Played by Don Messick (1964-95)
Frank Welker (1996-97)
80s Bandit.png
Bandit in the 80s second season.
File:TRA Bandit.png
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
SDGW Bandit.png
Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?
JS Bandit.png

Bandit is the loyal pet bulldog belonging to Jonny Quest, and one of the main characters of the Jonny Quest animated franchise. His voice was originated by Don Messick.

Character description

Bandit is a loyal and intelligent pet to Jonny, and takes aboard in the Quest family's various adventures due to the bond the two have. Although he gets into threatning situations in their missions, he is luckilly spared from such danger. Because he is also smart, he actually seems to understand what Jonny, Hadji and the rest of the group were saying, even if his form of communication is limited to barking.

He is a small white bulldog, named so due to a black mask on his eyes.


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A Boy's Best Friend

Custody Battle

Running with Tom and Jerry


Bandit in the Funny Books

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When HB Worlds Collide


In developing a pet for Jonny Quest, creator Doug Wildey initially planned Bandit to be either a small white cheetah or a monkey. These ideas were overruled by Joseph Barbera, who insisted on making Bandit a bulldog. Unlike the other characters in the series, who were designed by Wildey, Bandit was designed by H-B veteran artist, Dick Bickenbach.[1]


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Behind the scenes

  • Bandit is unique among the other dog characters by Hanna-Barbera (such as Scooby-Doo, Huckleberry Hound, and Hong Kong Phooey), in that he is a non-anthropomorphic dog who doesn't speak.
  • Doug Wildey stated in an interview that Bandit was intended to be a bulldog,[2] although his physical appearance does contain traits from other dog breeds such as pugs and Boston Terriers.

In popular culture

  • In the Freakazoid! segment "Doomsday Bet," from a one-off Toby Danger backup feature, Bandit was lampooned as a cat called Jules.
  • In The Venture Bros., a parody of Jonny Quest, there is a recurring gag where there have been several dogs by the name of Scamp owned by the Venture family.
  • In The Fairly OddParents TV movie Channel Chasers, Timmy zaps himself into the world of Jonny Hunt, in which the Jonny Quest-like kid Jonny Hunt owns a cat who has the same bandit-like face as Bandit does.
  • In the Recess episode "The Coolest Heatwave Ever," Gus revealed that he and his lieutenant father saved the world's economy after they captured DeSilvo while skiing in the Alps. Gus also owned a Bandit-esque dog called Hoodlum at the time. After DeSilvo was captured, Hoodlum barked, causing Gus and his father to laugh.


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