Tom and Jerry Special Shorts

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Tom and Jerry Special Shorts
T&JSS title card.png
Title card.
Network: HBO Max
Production company: Warner Bros. Animation
Distributor: Warner Media Direct
Warner Bros. Television
Original release: February 20, 2021
Run time: 4-5 minutes
Starring: William Hanna
Executive producer(s): Peter Browngardt
Sam Register
Producer(s): Rebecca Palatnik
Music composed by: Joshua Moshier
Writer(s): Johnny Ryan
Jacob Fleisher
Director(s): Kenny Pittenger
David Gimmell
Joey Capps
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Tom and Jerry Special Shorts is series of animated slapstick web TV shorts produced by Warner Bros. Animation for HBO Max. So far, only two have been released in 2021. It is the sixth Tom and Jerry series after Hanna-Barbera's The Tom & Jerry Show.

The new shorts try to emulate the animation style and humor of MGM's Tom and Jerry theatrical shorts which are about the literal cat and mouse game between eternal foes, Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse.



For the 80th anniversary of MGM's theatrical shorts, the same team who produced Looney Tunes Cartoons for HBO Max, also worked on Tom and Jerry Special Shorts in their spare time.


The music is composed to Joshua Moshier.


Title Number Air date
"On a Roll" 1x01 February 20, 2021
"The House That Cat Built" 1x02 February 20, 2021


  • William Hanna as Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. Audio archives are used of Hanna's recordings from when he did their voices for the aforementioned theatrical shorts.