The Lonesome Mouse

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The Lonesome Mouse
The Lonesome Mouse poster.jpg
Theatrical poster.
Production company: MGM Cartoons
Distributor: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date: May 22, 1943
Run time: 8:09
Starring: William Hanna
Lillian Randolph
Harry E. Lang
Producer(s): Fred Quimby
Music composed by: Scott Bradley
Screenplay by: William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Director(s): William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
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The Lonesome Mouse is the tenth animated theatrical short of the Tom and Jerry series. It was released on May 22, 1943 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was produced by Fred Quimby, and written and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Jerry gets Tom kicked out, living it up, but then begins to miss him.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Tom Cat William Hanna
Jerry Mouse William Hanna
Mammy Two-Shoes Lillian Randolph
Jerry's narrator friend (voice only) Harry E. Lang



  • Mammy Two Shoes's fake teeth


  • None


1949 reissue poster.



The music is composed by Scott Bradley.


It was originally released in theaters on May 22, 1943, then released on November 22, 1949.

Behind the scenes

  • Jerry paints over Tom's picture on his cat bed to make him look like Adolf Hitler.
  • This is the first time Tom and Jerry have spoken proper words and the first time their conversation to each other is heard.


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