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Morocco Mole
Morocco Mole.png
Species Mole
Gender Male
Member of Yogi's Gang[Note 1]
Affiliation Secret Squirrel
Penny[Note 2]
Honey Bea[Note 3]
Occupation Secret agent
Sandwich shop owner[Note 4]
Works for International Sneaky Service/Super Secret Service
Sauna Sweats & Sandwiches[Note 5]
Father Not mentioned
Mother Not mentioned
Brother(s) Scirocco Mole[Note 6]
Marital status Single
First appearance SS&MM: "Sub Swiper" (1965)
Played by Paul Frees (1965-1967)
Jim Cummings (1993)
Joe Alaskey (2000s)
Maurice LaMarche (2005)
Dana Snyder (2022)
SSSS Morocco.png
Super Secret Secret Squirrel
DC Morocco.png
Secret Squirrel
JS Morocco.png

Morocco Mole is an anthropomorphic mole and one of the main title characters in the Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole animated television shorts. His voice was originated by Paul Frees.

Morocco is the chauffeur, partner, sidekick, and obviously best and only friend of the secret agent Secret, who works for the International Sneaky Service (known as the Super Secret Service in Super Secret Secret Squirrel). In DC Comics' reboot, he was made the head of International Sneaky Service, abbreviated to the ISS.

Character description

Morocco is a brown mole who wears a red fez, a yellow bandana scarf, a turquoise jacket, and large black glasses. In Super Secret Secret Squirrel, he instead has a grey body and wears an orange jacket with circular sunglasses, although he still wears a fez in that series.

The original series portrays him as Secret's long-suffering chauffeur, driving his partner to and from missions and the International Sneaky Service. He usually waits outside while Secret gets his missions from the chief, exclaiming "I'll wait good, like a faithful friend/companion should." During missions, he often helped Secret to regroup (or reassemble) after an attempt to capture the villain failed with one of his gadgets backfiring.

In the sequel series, he takes on a more bumbling personality, always saying "oopsie" after making an obvious blunder, and providing more of the comic relief that Secret himself usually provided in the original series. He always appears just after Secret when reporting for duty to the Chief, announcing himself with "Likewise me: Morocco Mole", usually while bumbling his entrance in one way or another. He is explicitly an agent of the Super Secret Service, rather than just Secret Squirrel's chauffeur, as the Chief is required to give him one assignment in his career as an agent.


TV series





Debut Series

Crossover Era

It's Yogi's Gang!

Super Secret Secret Squirrel

Harvey Birdman Represents

Secret asks Harvey Birdman to defend Morocco, who has been arrested and sent to Guantamole Bay.[1]

Everyone's Back in Jellystone!

Morocco in the Funny Books

Thursdays are missing!

Scooby Meets Secret Squirrel

Impossibles Show Their Love

At one point as a civilian, Fluid-Man wears a t-shirt with Morocco's face printed on it.[2][3]


Paul Frees patterned Morroco Mole's voice after Hungarian-American actor Peter Lorre,[4] who was best known for having a distintive accent in his film roles.


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In popular culture


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