Jim Cummings

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Jim Cummings
Jim Cummings.jpg
Years active at Hanna-Barbera 1987-2000
Years active at Cartoon Network Studios 2000-2016
Years active at Warner Bros. 2001-2018
Characters played Morocco Mole
Captain Caveman
Fuzzy Lumpkins
Morgan Moonscar

Jim Cummings is an American voice actor.


20th century

21st century

Other roles

Cummings is most known for his roles over at Disney, which includes Pete the Cat, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (which he took over after the death of Paul Winchell), and the titular superhero in the 1991 series Darkwing Duck, which he also played in the 2016 reboot of DuckTales.

Behind the scenes

Where to find him