Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs

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Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs
Potamus treated like a god.png
Premiere date: August 28, 2005
Run time: 11:35
Music composed by: Michael Kohler
Writers: Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter
Directors: Richard Ferguson-Hull
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"Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs" is the sixth episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law season three, and the twenty-sixth overall. It aired on August 28, 2005 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. It was written by series creators, Michael Ouweleen and Erik Richter, produced by Evan W. Adler, and directed by Richard Ferguson-Hull. The Hanna-Barbera series ridiculed in this episode is Valley of the Dinosaurs.

Harvey and Peter Potamus get sent back in time to the stone age after they take a dip in the latter's hot tub. While there, they take on the world's first divorce.

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In order of appearance:

Character Actor
Harvey Birdman Gary Cole
Peter Potamus Chris Edgerly
Peanut Thomas Allen
Avenger Unavailable
Gorok Chris Edgerly
Sentcha (drawing) N/A
Phil Ken Sebben Stephen Colbert
Tana Mary Birdsong
Gokk Erik Richter
Grok Steve Landesberg
Chibo Mary Birdsong
Dick Cheney N/A
Chunga Erik Richter
Inch High N/A
Tundro N/A
Captain Caveman N/A




  • Hot tub time machine


  • None





The score was composed by Michael Kohler.


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Behind the scenes

  • The episode title is a combination of the film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and the aforementioned TV series Valley of the Dinosaurs.
  • Phil brings along a red-shirted Ensign-esque character from Star Trek, the kind of insignificant character who'd go along with Kirk and Spock on away missions, just to be the first to be killed.
  • There's a character at the wedding, who resembles Mr. Finkerton from Inch High, Private Eye, but he has black hair instead of gray.
  • Presumably to keep the realm devoid of civilization (outside of Gorak's apparent college education), the modern family from Valley of the Dinosaurs is absent. Perhaps being set before they even came.
  • The wedding banner has its past uses crossed out, which include Harvey's 40th birthday from "Deadomutt Part 2," Harvey's intervention from "SPF", and Avenger's goodbye party from "High Speed Buggy Chase."
  • The ending of the episode sets up Phil's minor C-plot in the next episode, "Evolutionary War."
  • Ouweleen, Richter, and Edgerly provide audio commentary for this episode on DVD releases.
  • In 2010, there happened to be a full-length movie called Hot Tub Time Machine.


  • The wedding banner says "Grock," but the credits say "Grok."

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